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    this guy is a super good physics teacher, he got many videos, this one, move up to about 35:00 he starts up his bicycle wheel gyro


    there is another one he builds a gyro gimbal in physics class


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      Originally posted by dian View Post
      "can not remain rotating forever even with friction-less bearings and full vacuum chamber."

      Eddy currents in metal from magnetic field of the earth, for one thing. There should be many more even less obvious reasons.
      CNC machines only go through the motions.

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        Nothing is ever perfect... Gyro will "precess" over time so correction is important if you are going long distances or time. Should be heaps of INS (Inertial Navigation System) systems from old (70's, 80's, early 90's ) jets in the bone yards to play with. IIRC Trans Oceanic planes typically had 3, so you can compare 2 out of 3 for safety.
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          I wanted to post a few days ago when the post was warm, but late is better than never.

          Here is a pic of my gyro. I have no idea what it came out of but I always tell people that it came out of a tank.

          It takes like 5 min to get up to speed, just a whining away. The gimbals stay locked until i throw a switch and the magic
          happens. So I take this thing and I point the axix at the head of whomever I am showing it to and unlatch the gimbals ... then I tell them that I am a tank that
          has locked onto a target ... and show them that after locking on (unlatching) that I can move all around just like a tank can and the
          axis stays pointed right at their head ... it's pretty cool to actually pay with it. And yes I know it can only follow certain axis's but
          that's not as fun to demo.

          Click image for larger version

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          John Titor, when are you.


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            Good work. Next step is to make yourself a gyrocompass. Here's a tutorial from the people who perfected it...

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