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  • electro cleaning easy

    i had welded some ss pieces to zink plated sheet and wanted to clean the welds. it turns out its very simple. 12v battery charger, a piece of thick cloth wraped around a piece of sheet metal and a bit of 50% phosphoric acid solution. plus connected to part, minus to "wand". thats all. i was getting 1-2 amps on the narrow side and up to 5 amps on the flat side. it went fast, the part got hot. its not perfect, polish would still get black but it worked.

    i didnt try other acids as phosphoric i harmless but i polished up the zink with 5% hydrochloric with a tooth step might be getting a carbon fibre brush. will this work? no idea?

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    Stainless is electro polished, gets the oxide off, Matt finish though


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      What sort of cloth you were using?
      I have used the same method and the combination of acid and heat ate up cotton really fast. Some unknown synthetic rag sort of melted and bits stuck everywhere.
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        I'm not familiar with the problem - what do you mean by "clean the welds"? What is it that needs to be removed?


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          Originally posted by Bob Engelhardt View Post
          I'm not familiar with the problem - what do you mean by "clean the welds"? What is it that needs to be removed?
          Oxidation colors on Stainless welds. Here's a commercial setup-

          I was wishing I had one the other day. I normally wire buff and bead blast, but it's a slow process.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            the cloth is consumed rather quickly. commercial wands use a fiberglass mesh and some kind of sponge. if i had a spare soldering sponge i would have tried it. i tried a piece of felt but was getting less than 0.1 amps. might have worked if i had plugged it into the wall. ac apparently works also, so i might try the tig or electrode welder as the power source. but first i need the brush. untill i get one a piece of carbon fibre mesh could work. they also add some sulphuric acid, but i wont do that inside.