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  • Big day tomorrow

    Tomorrow my 16 year old grandson starts driving me to work, and then working as my paid assistant 3 days a week this summer! No one likes my driving, not even me, so when he got his permit I told him he'd be doing all the driving when we are together. He is taking chemistry and statics college courses so he can finish 4 years of college in 2 years after high school. He has already had 3 semesters of calculus. So there is a good chance he won't have a full schedule in his senior year next semester and will be able to continue working part time with me then as well.

    I worked weekends and summers with my dad who had an electrical contracting business starting when I was about 10. We were doing mostly house wiring at first but by time I reached high school we did exclusively commercial and industrial work. I only have a 1 daughter and my work after I left the electrical business has always involved lots of travel all over the US. However with my recent job change I am now work normal hours and am home every day, no travel, no night work at all.

    I am a mentor for the FIRST robotics team my grandson is a member of. Of course that got shut down with the pandemic. So I am really looking forward to him working with me. We will first be building 6 carts for handling Polypropylene pipe headers used to make solar water heaters. Then rebuilding a second new chinese knife cutter with all new controls. Tomorrow a new drill machine arrives from China with 16 spindles and like the previous one with 5 spindles we will have to tear it down and fix everything that is wrong with it. Fortunately I was hired before the order was finalized and while they purchased the 6 VFD drives running the spindles they did not buy the controls. So my grandson and I will be building all new control panels for both this machine and the previous drill. We will also be adding automation to both machines so they will automatically load and unload the pipe headers that are being drilled.

    I am so psyched!

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    You're obviously very proud of him - and rightly so!
    And excited about working with him. I would be too.


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      I hope to be in your shoes someday. I have no sons, and a 3 month grandson.
      I would love to have such a chauffeur


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        Scary they let them drive so young in the USA. One of the farmer's sons nearby at 17 got his provisional licence and kept failing the test but that license allowed him to drive the big tractor all over the place, including past my parked car. I moved it as far into the ditch as I could. I remember we had a (grown up by then) yank at work who related how he got a corvette for his 16th birthday. Over hear the insurance would be more than the car at that age.


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          Hey on Saturday I got rear-ended while waiting for a light to change by a guy about 40. I was the third car in line and sitting completely still. It happened in the same spot where a few months back I managed to stop for a large buck that bounded out of the woods on my right, and then leaped over a 6' high chain link fence. However the two smaller deer following only managed to belly flop side by side across the hood of my car and fell off the passenger side and ran off! A fourth deer was standing there watching and decided not try.

          Been rear ended 4 times. Once by a lady on a cell phone that hit me at about 45 and drove me into oncoming traffic where I hit an 18 wheel dump truck. Air bag saved my life and I walked away from it with a tiny cut from the windshield glass. Maybe I need to paint a target on my car. In trying to hit the target maybe they'd miss me!

          The day went well with my grandson, although the shop was really hot and humid with us wearing masks all day. We built a cart for moving the pipe headers, assembled a Home Depot workstation and moved my tools into it, and started rebuilding the second knife cutter. Sure is nice having an assistant!


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            That sounds very enjoyable..


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              The big CNC drilling machine showed up today. 16 spindles! Man is this thing going to be a rebuild project! I can't see it working well without major improvements since I already worked for a month on it's little brother after someone else worked on it for a good month too. Going to be a great experience for my grandson doing this one.


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                16 spindles- is that it?

                Have fun working with g/s. I hope he learns a lot from you- but not about driving, apparently-
                I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                  Be careful Gary. Your grandson sounds very competent. In no time you will be his assistant! So be a kind Boss so when he is your Boss he will also be kind!
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                    I had a young guy work for me for 4 years once. I closed up my company and a few years later he asked me to work at his startup. I worked for him for 4 years. People would ask me how do you work with someone that was once your employee? It was simple, we both knew so well what the other was best at we never discussed who was doing what, we just did it. It was really a great working relationship.

                    It ended badly, but we are still close friends. We got sued over a machine I built and gave to him to sell to a customer to help fund his startup. It wasn't keeping up with their needs and they built a copy with no guards. When an employee got hurt on the machine they swore he was hurt on the one I built. I got sued and my employer got sued. His lawyer said let the corporation take the bullet and walk away. My lawyer cost me $15K to prove I didn't build the machine that caused the injury and of course I lost my job and he lost his company.