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Possible to make a qctp "indexing?

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    So talking about this indexing toolpost thing and convenience that it offers,
    here is my Tsugami turret lathe, copy of a Hardinge HC lathe.
    I find myself using it as a general purpose lathe, pretty much for small work
    on anything that does not need a tailstock. I have it tooled up, so 90% of the
    time, I don't have to swap out any tooling. One nice thing, I can put small
    boring bars (Like Micro 100 carbide bars) in the drill chuck, because it can
    move from other than being centered. Even though I have 5 other lathes
    I just can't bring myself to sell this one, because it is so handy.


    Edit note: Notice there are two ECL dovetail toolholders with a height
    adjustment feature. These make it so nice to center the tools, instead
    of jiggle jacking around with the fixed height ones.
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      Originally posted by 754 View Post
      Its now Official.......
      I am adding Jiggle Jacker to my resume..
      or perhaps it should be Jiggle Jacker Savaant ....
      As long as you stay OUT of the porn industry, I think that is OK to
      include in your resume. Else you might be considered one step
      up from being a fluffer.



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        Oh and I will add, Free Hand Form Tool Grinder ..
        now when you are setting stops and moving tool lengths , that is still tool setting right ?
        it is just swimming and clamping that falls under Jiggle Jacking , correct ?