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    Originally posted by ATW View Post was trying to understand if you did need one why start with a relatively expensive casting over bar stock.

    Because they state in the foundry info that they do stress relieve, and the casting puts the material where it is needed.... it is "near net shape", and should need minimal added stress relief after scraping or machining to final finish.

    With a chunk of bar, you need to take off so much that it is almost inevitable that you will uncover stresses and end up with a piece that is a "potato chip", at least on a "scraping scale", where tenths are involved. If you do NOT machine away much, then you may end up with a heavy and clumsy to use tool.

    So it is likely more work and carries more chance of needing to go back and re-do your work, if you make it from bar stock.
    CNC machines only go through the motions.

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      it was trying to understand if you did need one why start with a relatively expensive casting over bar stock
      To answer your question directly, assuming one did conjure a reason for wanting a cast iron square, none. (given you state said bar stock was cast iron)
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        That price does seem to be a bit high. But why?

        * Made in the US and therefore the labor is expansive. Union labor vs. Chinese labor costs.
        * Stress relieved, but they do not say how. Could be a factor but if they just put then out in the sun for a year or two is that really that much of one.
        * It is a relatively small operation.
        * Compared to a cast iron frying pan, which is similar in size, that price is really high. So it can not be the metal itself.
        * If people have been paying their prices, then they may not have any motivation to lower them.
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