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OT-"geared" rubber rollers.

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    Originally posted by Bented View Post

    In the US any food product manufactured for human consumption is governed by often, but not always, strict material rules mandated by the FDA, If you set up a line using non conforming materials you will likely fail a FDA inspection.
    Of course.

    The question is how the grade of the input material is secured. That was the intent of my somewhat tongue-in-cheek question.

    With dairy, there is pasteurization. But that product is fundamentally different, since the cows do not move it around, they are directly milked. Bees store the honey in their storage containers, but that is subject to many influences, some biological and others potentially chemical through the environment. (that even exists with cows, if they eat the wrong plants, like snakeroot)
    CNC machines only go through the motions.

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      I have a plan to make the rollers compliant. If I can get it to work I'll be making a "real" set from nylon.


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        Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
        Are bees food-grade? You do not know where they have been or what herbicides they may have ingested.

        Rollers are, however, cleanable.
        Ha, you got me there

        I only brought it up because honey, being mildly acidic and a food product, is at risk of leaching out harmful stuff. Lead solder would be a no-no on extractors, for example.

        Some states are pickier than others, and mine says you almost have to meet commercial kitchen standards if you want to sell your honey.
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