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Bought a box O' files today.

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    You can lead a Pferd to the vinegar or acid , but it won't jump in..


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      Funny story about horse rasps.--When I was a kid Uncle Charlie Martin lived with us for a couple of years and had a fine team of horses. One of our neighbours horses had a rough hoof, and he sent his 9 year old daughter over to our place to borrow uncle charlies horse rasp. On the way to our place she forgot what it was called, but she knew what her dad wanted it for. She came in and asked uncle Charlie if her dad could borrow the horses fingernail file!!
      Brian Rupnow
      Design engineer
      Barrie, Ontario, Canada


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        Originally posted by Tundra Twin Track View Post
        I like there logo,from horse rasp days. Click image for larger version

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        Or other explanation: Pferd= Horse in German
        Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe


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          Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post

          I've got a few with the horse logo, they are among my best files. Most of my other files have a fish logo:
          Thanks for vallorbe link,I see they have chainsaw file handles identical to Jonsered ones that are no longer avaliable.I cut some of the handle off and use them for all of my smaller files,they have a great feel to them.I can't find any of the vallorbe ones in my area but they do exist and keep looking. Click image for larger version

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            Originally posted by Tundra Twin Track View Post

            Exceptional Good score Pferd's are very good they started building Horse Rasps in 1799,I got some NOS Wiltshire made in Australia excellent also.
            Love the shop. JR
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              Originally posted by paul463 View Post
              Some rusty junkers, but the pretty new Pferds sucked me in.
              $25, I think I did ok.
              all day, everyday you do good.

              I got some today also. Chinese Hot Pot. Garage sale, we did not speak the same language and still communicated.

              Most of the Countries I have been to English is not the common language.

              I cant speak but can listen, good at that. JR