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Arbor press size and source recommendations?

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  • Arbor press size and source recommendations?


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    Get a bigger one than you think you need. The main issue isn't necessarily the tonnage, but the daylight, or space under the ram. Bigger gives more, which is usually better.

    I would go with at least a "2 ton" size. A ratchet type is nicer, but quite a bit more pricey. Other wise you end up with the ram at the right place and the lever in a bad place for you.


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      Most auto shops I know have at least a 10Ton for car work. This is not enough for some stuff.

      A small press is adequate for model work and small tools, auto stuff is not in that category.


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        Oso and Thurd are right bigger is better when it comes to arbor presses.Were I work we have a collection of arbor and hydraulic presses and the arbor press sees the most work of them all.It has the advantage of having feel so you can get an idea of how much pressure is being applied this is especially useful when broaching keyways.The machine we bought was used and I believed it cost us $600.00 at auction it is a# 3-1/2 Greenard it handles all types of auto work including pinion and front wheel drive bearings.If word gets out that you have one of these it can be a good side line way of generating some extra cash automotive press jobs typicaly range between $10 and$15 around here and over a years time can really add up.Anyway just a thought, take the time to shop the used market if you can get your hands on a used machine like the Greenard or similar you could always get a smaller press as well because after all they don't take up much space and they don't eat anything either!

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        I just need one more tool,just one!