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OT Fire on the USS bonhomme Richard

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    Originally posted by PStechPaul View Post
    I had a friend who, IIRC, was on a research vessel which had lots of microwave wave guide tubing, and they were filled with grain alcohol. So they would use the drain taps to spike their drinks.
    what was the purpose of filling the tubes with grain alcohol??



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      This was from about 45 years ago, so I don't know the details or even the veracity of the statement. The guy who told me this had worked as an engineer at NASA during the 1960s, so it seems reasonable that he would have had some experience with waveguides. And I know he had a lot of experience with alcohol and perhaps other substances that could have "flavored" his stories. It's quite possible that the waveguides were no longer in use, and were just a convenient place to store and access grain alcohol, which may have been forbidden. Also, waveguides can be subject to moisture build-up, and are sometimes pressurized or filled with something to avoid that and prevent rusting. There are "dielectric waveguides" that are filled with insulating material, and perhaps alcohol was appropriate. And perhaps it was used as a coolant.
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        Ethyl alcohol is somewhat polar (so it dissolves well in water), and would be a horrible lossy dielectric material I'd think. Sounds like a scam, liquor is not generally allowed.

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          Originally posted by Ringo View Post
          ...and do all that while underway in a bad sea tossing you thanks !
          It's the tossing around that makes it fun.
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            As for whether or not the Bonhomme Richard is worth repairing (economically), recall the nuclear submarine USS Miami which was heavily damaged by fire (deliberately set) in 2012, and ultimately scrapped in lieu of a $700 million repair bill:



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              I have worked with a heck of a lot of wave guide but never even heard of filling it with any kind of alcohol. Dry air and nitrogen were frequently used, but never any liquids of any kind.
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