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one more technique for dealing with slivers

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    When all else fails, leave it in. As it gets infected, it will eventually slide right out in the pus blob. Works reliably, if perhaps a bit of a mess.
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      if you use dmso it wont infect and comes out anyway.


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        A little off topic but... A friend of mind filled his eye with metal bits grinding without eye protection. The ophthalmologist got some of them out

        but he continued to be in a lot of pain. So I gave him my magnet from an old hard drive. After a quick application of alcohol, he lightly pressed it againt

        his cornea. It came off full of little metal bits. After a few applications, he was pain free.
        VitŮŽria, Brazil


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          Those are powerful magnets --- never used them for sliver extraction but will keep in mind although I do more SS than iron/steel so might not help sometimes...


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            Originally posted by AD5MB View Post
            I get them in the foot. 90 year old wood floors. you have to be a contortionist.

            in the hand, exacto knife and a magnifying light
            The aging joints would never let me manage that. I'm thinking that a USB camera/microscope rig would be a handy thing to have for that sort of thing. I can reach down to the sole of my foot but I can't bend around well enough to see what I'd need to see.

            For stuff in the hand the magnifying hood I bought a few years back has come in very handy.
            Chilliwack BC, Canada