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Pistol grip shifter build for a '57 Fork pickup restomod

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    Just bringing up stuff iv already witnessed that's all - heck stock vehicles/shifters with weak detent's iv seen do that, nothing the matter with using a little foresight to bring up all the contingencies...


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      it's been considered and if it becomes a problem there are ways of dealing with it.


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        Nice job Matt on the shifter and the well photographed documentation of the project.
        We're all photo whores here as it does give a very graphic representation of all involved. Lots of carving on that chunk of aluminum I see, nice. Also nice to see Stepside's well executed contribution to the project.

        I don't foresee any issue with the shifter contributing to accidental gear changes or popping into neutral, as it's weight will be mostly vertical. May have been an issue with more length or a greater bend in the rod, maybe.
        It would really have to buck like a bronc for that to be a problem, at least. from my experience with the 5-spd T-5 Mustang transmission. Could be an issue with the rice grinder transmissions, not too much experience with them in that regard.
        If it's popping out of or into gear hitting speed bumps etc., then you're friend has other issues that can only be corrected by changing the nut holding the steering wheel.
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          It's just an honorable mention that's all not saying it will or won't but; yeah it can happen with extra weight regardless of the shifter's angle in fact total vert can get the job done due to the front end going through totally different motions then the rear, it's an abrupt angle change as the front is in virtual "free fall" then immediately stops whilst the rear is totally stable - that's all it takes - now consider the fact that these are heavily modded out cars with most likely stiffer suspension and in fact some almost unforgiving and yeah like I said it's a factor,,, most likely just for popping into neutral so no big whoop - bad case would be it makes a habit out of going past and clashing into another gear - it will never go into another gear or that would indeed be very rare - most likely just get immediately ejected and yeah again speak from experience as iv seen this happen on about three different vehicles of all different makes... one totally box stock just high miles and relaxed shifting detent's... so you would get in the habit of grabbing the shifter and supporting it over bumps lol can you imagine the self driving car guys having to deal with that? now throw in chewing some gum while putting on a turn signal lever ---- information overload lol...


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            thanks Willy, it felt like a more artistic/ craftsman project than what I usually do. Lots of attention to aesthetics and fit, and LOTS of time spent with the files to get it just so. I agree about Stepside's contribution, it's really what made it what it is. Wouldn't have looked anywhere near as good without his help. My friend actually joked that if he ever sells the truck he's taking the shifter with him


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              What if you put a quick couple disconnect at the base --- maybe knurled down there too - you could really whoop someone over the head with that thing, always have it with you in the vehicle, what's not to luv?

              Edit; last resort of course...
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