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70 year olf GE 3 hp single phase motor wiring inquiry

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  • 70 year olf GE 3 hp single phase motor wiring inquiry

    I was given this old GE 3 hp motor by my Dad, who was running it on 110 volts, and would like to run my compressor on 220 volts. It is a Model 5KCS225XB10A, which is apparently a weird one, since I've not found anything on the interweb about it. The serial # UGH1455 places it in the early 1950's date of manufacture (I think). Only 6 wires, including ground. Click image for larger version

Name:	20200730_162837.jpg
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    His wiring on 110 was 5-1-2 (white) and 4-3-6 (black) - line, for CW rotation. For CCW, it says 1-2-6 are tied together (white) and 5-4-3 (black) for line.
    Click image for larger version

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    The #5 wire simply runs thru a couple of 400 MFD 110 volt caps in parallel, thru the centrifugal switch and back into the field.
    Click image for larger version

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    GE hid the caps inside the base. I've got new replacements on order. This thing was running until it was replaced.
    Click image for larger version

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    Any insight on how to connect to 220 with this? Or where I might find some info on this motor? It is very heavy but well built.

    I know those foam peanuts were not hidden in there in the early 1950's, so someone has been in here in the past.



    Salem, Oregon

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    Those GE tri clad motors are about as good as they get IMO. I used to have the same motor, and wish I never got rid of it. The guy I got it from said it came from a bowling pin resetter. I used it on a large flat belt drill press. Does it not have a wiring diagram plate?


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      Found this, maybe the numbers of the wires are the same but generally, it looks like the same type of connections.
      Helder Ferreira
      Setubal, Portugal


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        Thanks for your help. I do not need to reverse direction on my compressor, but the schematic you found might just help me decipher this.

        Salem, Oregon


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          Schematic seems quite in order. SAF knows his business.

          ID drawing: https://www.industrial-electronics.c...ification.html

          1-2 is standardly one low voltage RUN winding, 3-4 the other RUN winding, and they go 1&3 and 2&4 for low voltage, 1, 2&3, 4 for high voltage.

          5-8 is the START winding if there is just one (as is usual), and is connected across ONE of the two run windings in high voltage, across the two in parallel at low voltage.

          A few motors have double start windings, but that is not what you have

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            Thanks for your insight, Jerry. It appears that someone, for whatever reason, replaced the little #8 aluminum number wire tag with a #6 tag on my motor.

            So I can just disconnect one of the capacitors, and connect the remaining one thru #5-8 on the start winding for 220 volts, right?

            Salem, Oregon