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    I find a wealth of great info on this forum, but I belong to another forum (not machine related) that has a separate board that is just an archive of older posts.

    The main boards continue for several pages, and the older topics get moved to the archives....I can't imagine a forum where this would be more helpful, as I've noticed topics on here that I had no practical use for in the past, but do, or may need in the would be great to just graze through the wisdom......any possibilities of this happening here, or has it been done in the past?



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    Zinom, I did a search using "plane" and got over 200 hits. Checked a few and they were legitimate hits. Course I did a "thrud" and crashed my system, but i save topics to Word perfect. Tears big as Horse hockey rolled down my cheeks when I realized I had lost so much.
    a Man could make a nice book using these posts and some time. And the book could have reference tables from the links.
    I know some say the search feature doesnot work forthem so maybe I am lucky