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    Is there anyone on this list that can/will give me a straight answer about the "Care and Feeding" of a SB 7" oil pump? I've downloaded the info from the "other list" and now all I'm getting is "Saturday Night Live" type of information. I just don't want to ruin a perfectly good machine simply because I don't know how to regulate the oil flow.

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    Just be sure you mantain an oil film on the sliding surfaces and it'll be around looong after we're both gone.

    You don't meed to give it a bath.
    A little oozing at the slides won't hurt.
    Get too much and you'll just collect dust and cr--.

    Look inside when it's running slow and be sure all the lines are feeding, and the crank is getting lube.



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      South Bend published a "How to Run a Shaper" book, similar to their "How to Run a Lathe" book. If you can find a copy of that someplace, it would likely tell you all you need to know.

      I think Kap pretty much has it, though; I'd feed enough oil so it's clear that it IS feeding oil to all the relevant points, so the film isn't getting rubbed off, and that ought to be enough. Don't starve it, but there's no need for the innards to be awash in dripping oil, either.
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        Thanks fellows! I've tinkered with the adjusting valves and now have it performing as you suggested. Lindsay re-prints the bookley to which you refer and next time the Eagle flies, I'm going to order a copy. Included in this booklet is "How to Run A Drill Press."

        By the way, run your anti-virus programs--someone sent me one today attached to a 7" Shaper file.