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  • A Lot of Old Wood

    Went to a garage sale and for 40 bucks, bought 24 bleacher seats that came out of an old Jr. High built in the 20's. Some of them still have gum stuck to the bottom of them. They measure 5/4" X 16ft long X 9 /14" wide (13.875 bd ft each) made of clear Douglas Fir. They are strait as an arrow, no bows or twist. Going to use them to build shelving for my 4100+ CD collection, and they are all ripped into my computer.

    Click image for larger version

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    I wonder how the gum tastes? That's some beautiful wood though, you couldn't get that any more. Worth some serious money I bet.
    25 miles north of Buffalo NY, USA


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      Except for the lighter colored one, they look like they are all old growth wood, not so easy to find these days. Generally runs $12/ board foot

      Good score.


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        I assume that the lighter one has already been run through his planer and the orange patina that fir gets over the years was removed.

        And yes, a great score!
        Chilliwack BC, Canada


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          The lighter one is a finger jointed piece and is only 3/4" thick; I think it was an replacement in later years. Maybe used as a front bottom board it has no strength.