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How magnetic is Chrome Steel?

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  • How magnetic is Chrome Steel?

    Hey everybody! I need to get some steel balls for a project and I need to be able to attract them with a magnet. I've looked through all my catalogs and Small Parts has a bunch of stainless balls and then some Chrome steel balls. Does anyone know how magnetic Chrome Steel is? I noticed that the more chromium the stainless balls have the more magnetic they are. If it isn't very magnetic, does anyone know where to get some nice magnetic balls (no perverts please)?Thanks in advance.

    Stuart de Haro

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    Rest your fears. Chrome steel balls are magnetic as all get out.


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      If you can use balls that are just steel, like balls that are used in ball bearings. these can be purchased from any bearing supply house, they are just ground steel balls, and can be gotten in many differant sizes.


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        I recently bought some ball bearings from enco to use as drivers for small dent balls. I use them o make knuckle tools too. I'm guessing that you are using a magnet and balls for dent removal on horns. I still use the old methods for dent removal. pain in the rear on tubas. I made an attachment for my logan lathe to make large dent balls for tuba sousa work. Works kinda like a taper attachment, but as the Longitude feed move it swings the cross slide in and out in an arc.I'd like to hear how the magnet thing works...if thats what you are doing.