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Reid Surface Grinder Model 618H $350 Bridgeport also $500

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  • Reid Surface Grinder Model 618H $350 Bridgeport also $500

    Just posted to CL, in Walpole MA: Reid Surface Grinder Model 618H (6 x 18) $350

    Bridgeport $500
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    I already have two Bridgeports... but gosh that is tempting.


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      Those are great deals. If that was near here, I'd be on my way for that grinder.


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        ...bloody hell I wish I lived closer


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          I think the Grinder is the newer version of my 2C. I don’t have the slip down feed hand wheel. Sure wish I did.
          I paid $300 in ‘96 and spent another $800 getting it redone with Turcite ways.
          Agreed, that’s a great deal. It’s very heavy, but does come apart relatively easily.

          BP looks good too.

          Hope someone gets lucky.
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            I'm about 1.5 hours away and I've got a trailer. I don't have a lot of room to store, but could find a home for one or both of those machines for a couple of weeks if it would help someone out.


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              Surely they're gone by now. Bostonites crazy if they're letting those sit.
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