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OT: Old 8mm projector manual

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  • OT: Old 8mm projector manual

    So I need the manual for a Revere Model 85 8mm projector. Seems to be a PDF file of it on but the just the look and feel of the web site makes my "Your about to download a virus" meter go into the yellow. Wasn't able to find one anywhere else. So I click on the PDF and it opens my PDF reader with nothing but a single graphic that says "Click to Download PDF". Now my meter is in the red since this is a link to God-only-knows what kind of file. Side note: Thank you very much Adobe for adding this feature a number of years back which made PDFs no longer "virus proof".

    Has anyone used this web site for downloading manuals and is it safe? Any place someone can recommend where I might find this manual?


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    More trouble than you want to go to, but you can install a virtual machine (i.e., free vm VirtualBox) and can then isolate your working pc from nasties. And people are understandably tired of hearing this also, but Linux really is less vulnerable than Windows if only because it's more work to write malware to take advantage of it and because it has a smaller footprint in the global population of desktop pcs. Windows is low hanging fruit, relatively speaking.

    If it was a manual for electronics gear, this would be the place to look :
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      My laptop with Windows 7 died and has been replaced with a Windows 10 system. Already downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu and plan to get that loaded up and used as the primary OS unless I really need to use Windows 10.


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        Steve: When I come across something that I am concerned about, I go to the local library to download it. They have better virus safeties than I do because kids are into all kinds of junk. If there is something questionable in it, the anti-virus stops it.


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          Let me change the topic since I know we have people here who are pretty knowledgeable about small motors. The reason I wanted the manual is to get the lubrication instructions. It just started making the "motor bearings are dry" squealing sound. There is a plate that says to periodically put one or two drops of oil in the oil holes but I'm not really sure which are the oil holes.

          Picture one shows what I'm pretty sure is an oil hole. The plastic cover reveals a one inch spring so that's the brush hole. But there doesn't seem to be a corresponding similar hole at the other end of the motor.

          Picture two shows what could be three oil holes, the right most arrow is on top of the middle of the motor. They will allow a 1/16" drill to go down about .20. But (see Pic 3, which is the left arrow in Pic 2) the film locking lever certainly doesn't need any oil so unless that leads to something inside that needs oiling, it's just a pin to hold it in. If that is the case maybe the other two are just pins.

          So what say ye who know about small electric motors that are 70 years old.

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            For something that old, and where bearings seem to be dry, the old oil has likely gummed up and hard deposits are probably on the shafts. So it may require taking the motor apart and thoroughly cleaning the shafts and bearings before lubing and reassembly.
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              Well thanks to a YouTuber who posted a nice video, yep, all four are oil holes.

              Paul - I pulled off the back cover for the front reel arm and the grease/oil is pretty old, more like greasy dirt. So i will be taking some of it apart to do a decent cleaning and relube.