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OTC: My middle name id Leroy

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  • OTC: My middle name id Leroy

    All through school kids gave me gruff about my middle name. Leroy.

    I was leroy the II. After my Dad see. JR
    My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group

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    why. because of leroy brown?


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      Might be like mine, uncle’s name Leroy who was killed in WWII


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        my brother did this sissy thing, put his hand over his mouth and giggled, when my fathers middle name "Elmer" was mentioned.

        he figured it worked the same way for my middle name, Lee.

        he lived with my parents until they died. he still lives in that house. I figure it's his problem, not mine.


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          [Verse 1]
          My name is Mud
          My name is Mud
          Not to be confused with Billy, Jack, Pete or Dennis
          My name is mud, it's always been
          'Cause I'm the most boring sonsabitch you've ever seen
          I dress in blue, yes, navy blue
          From head to toe I'm rather drab except my patent shoes
          I make 'em shine, well most the time
          'Cept today my feet were trodden on by this friend of mine
          Six foot two and rude as hell
          I got to get him in the ground before he starts to smell
          My name is Mud

          [Verse 2]
          My name is Mud
          But call me Aloysius Devadander Abercrombie
          That's long for Mud, so I've been told
          Told that by this sonsabitch that lies before me
          Bloated, blue and cold
          I've got my pride, I drink my wine
          I'd drink only the finest
          'Cept I haven't earned a dime in several months
          Or were it years?
          The breath on that fat bastard could bring any man to tears
          We had our words, a common spat
          So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat

          My name is Mud

          My name is Mud
          My name is Mud

          Where you goin', city boy?

          ---Les Claypool


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            My middle name is also Leroy. Named after my dad's favorite radio program. Something about 'Hey Leroy, your mama wants you!' It might have been The Great Gildersleeves or something like that.



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              I think Leroy was Gildersleeve's neighbor kid Leroy Forrester, always a pain in The Great Gildersleeve's side. I could be wrong though.
              The radio show is still on Sirius' Radio Classics, a favorite of mine during long highway travel. Here is an old poster from the Gildersleeve movie....

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                Neat. Had no idea there were so many Leroys.

                Not sure where mine comes from besides it being my Dad's name also. Cant ask him, he died in '78. My Mom doesnt know.

                Our family has been in the states since the mid 1600s. We landed in the Baltimore area.

                After this DNA stuff got going a few family members (not myself) checked it out and seems we are French LOL Who knew. Everyone thought we were German and Irish.

                So it could actually be LeRoy as in French Who knows... JR
                My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                  My best friend in high schools name was Melvin Leroy Sisler, went by Roy, totally upstanding guy. F I L's middle name was Leroy. He was the best, I sure miss him. First thing I learned in grade school, never make fun of someone's name, you're making fun of their parents.


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                    I had a chuckle the other day. My dads middle name is Rudolf, last name Heinrich (same as mine wouldn't you know it). I was reading about some of the radio pioneers the other day, one of whom was Heinrich Rudolf Hertz.

                    I don't know how I got Richard- but I like it.
                    I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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                      Originally posted by Corbettprime View Post
                      First thing I learned in grade school, never make fun of someone's name, you're making fun of their parents.
                      That is a great statement!
                      Problem with those folks is it might have started with their parents go figure. Tree and fruit and all. JR

                      My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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                        My father's first name was Beverly. Middle name Sturgis. My first name is Bruce. We are Scottish decent. My father was named after his uncle. Whenever my father got mad at me he always said he should have made me a Junior.
                        Location: The Black Forest in Germany

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                          My father's first name was Armistead - there were a lot of military men in the clan. He was an artillery officer in WWII, a chemical engineer later. When I was 13 I jokingly asked if he could get some ammonium nitrate for me - laughter ensued. He would have had access to many tons: I got zilch(*).

                          * His profession involved the industrial production of sulfuric acid and agricultural fertilizers.