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O/T: Computer screens are taking over!

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  • O/T: Computer screens are taking over!

    I have been doing a lot of cleaning (and finding) in my shop lately. So that bug followed me inside the house to my computer room.

    I removed all the computers, removed all the wires for a cleaner look when I reinstall them.

    I was standing back reveling in my great clean up when I realized just how cluttered five computers can be.

    Yeah, five boxes running at once. Gonna have to rethink that one.

    So yeah. I am looking at a sea of monitors. This is one room. Not the shop or downstairs!!

    Umm, I needs some hep!!
    Is there a place.
    You know like the place where the celebs go when they get too high JR

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    OMG, five computers? I have two on my desk here.

    If you really need five computers, I have a suggestion. There are KVM switches that allow one set of controls and monitor to be used with multiple computers. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. In my last job I made use of these switches to allow many computers to be accessed from one compact control station. They are commonly available in 2 x 1 size, but others are also available for four or more computers. I have used a 2 x 1 here in my office to switch between two main computers. It was not expensive.
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      There are also network KVM solutions as well as VNC.


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        Definitely a candidate for a KVM switch, not to mention therapy.
        It's all mind over matter.
        If you don't mind, it don't matter.


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          Therapy did not take. I could sign up for another go around, my wife says

          I do know about Sharing. Problem? They dont all speak the same language. Dont ask. Each one is doing "stuff" on its own and I like to see the boxes in their own screen.

          I know, excuses. Says my wife...

          I will only be reinstalling three, the rest must go.
          Better JR

          P.S> The Bridgy in the garage still uses a tube TV, well and DOS. So maybe put a flatty in there
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            I gave up on KVM switches long ago. Just SSH or remote desktop into which ever I care about at the moment, usually have a window or two open on each continually anyway. You really only need enough monitor real estate to display everything, one big one, two smaller ones, whatever.
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              I thought that I had entirely to much stuff, I feel better now.
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                Originally posted by Bented View Post
                I thought that I had entirely to much stuff, I feel better now.
                Get my beer and pics off the desk!! LOL
                You are in fact NOT better JR
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                  Originally posted by mickeyf View Post
                  You really only need enough monitor real estate to display everything, one big one, two smaller ones, whatever.
                  One big. My downstairs monitor. 48", kinda works. JR

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                    This is even more useless, I have a Squier Jazzmaster electric guitar.
                    I do not know how to play guitar and have no intention to learn how to do it.
                    I do however like machines so bought it to try and figure out the basic concepts, it has been a good deal of fun.


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                      I have three 24" monitors on one computer. A friend had four 27" monitors, but now he has two 60" 4K TVs as monitors.

                      I'm not going to go that route - they're so tall I have to bob my head to see the top parts - but I could still use a little more space. If they still made squarish monitors a trio of 32 to 36 inchers would be perfect, but everything is "widescreen" nowadays, and they don't work too well stood on their sides. (short of pixels that direction, and narrow field of view, which is heavily optimized for horizontal)

                      Terry Pratchett used to have six monitors, two rows of three. When people asked him why he had six monitors, he said "Because I don't have room for eight." As someone who used a 12" EGA display in the 1980s, yes, I definitely see where he was coming from.

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                        For CAD work I use two 28" monitors hooked to 1 computer, the drawing is displayed on the main monitor and the data panels on the other, this works very well. At first it is somewhat disconcerting when the cursor jumps from one to the other but it quickly becomes routine.


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                          Like sitting in a 787 cockpit


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                            You know, I was into computers quite heavily for a decade or so.... and I still manage with just the one. I usually just keep upgrading the HDD. Modern machines have enough horsepower that you don't need a dedicated machine just for CAD or engineering -- you can do it all on one box. For me the best way is to have at least 4 cores and max out the RAM. The machine I'm using right now is a piece of 4-year-old bank surplus, and it will transcode video at the same time it runs FreeCAD.

                            In the old days I used surplus servers with multiple CPU's but it was still just one box. And max out the RAM.

                            I don't do remote access, but my brother does -- he has a SSH app on his phone to get at his "home boxes".

                            Today if I happen into any surplus computer stuff I give it away to needy families with school-aged kids.


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                              Two of my computers have 32 GB of ram. Never seen the system allocate anywhere near that. The one thing I ever did that could quite easily use the ram and cores is virtual machines, running multiple VM's. I did this once when I was studying for my Sysco cert. I could of used 128 GB of ram if I wanted to, running each "device" as a separate VM in a simulator.
                              Flight Simulator 2020, DCS world, and other heavy hitting games never seem to need more than 16 GB of ram.