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Has anyone installed a dashcam?

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    Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
    OK, so suppose you have one, and some idiot pulls in front of you, causing an accident.

    How does the evidence thing get dealt with? Do the police just grab the whole thing and give it back when they are done (maybe)? How does that evidence get to where it needs to be?
    Personally I would not disclose the fact that I had any video evidence while at the scene. The next day however I would contact the police officer that attended the scene and give him a copy of the 3 or 5 minute clip in question on a thumb drive or similar digital media, I would also cut a copy for my insurance agent.
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      Originally posted by DR View Post
      How about a rear facing camera and reasonable size monitor solely for visibility in lane changes? In our super heavy traffic everybody is in a hurry and my vehicle's rear visibility is not so great.. One route I take frequently I enter the freeway in the leftmost lane lane and need to cross 4 lanes to the right for my exit in a mile and a half. This is in a 60mph zone where the usual speed is 70+ and driver courtesy is rare..
      There are certainly back up cameras out there which do this. I just installed one of them on the older (but new to us) RV that I share with some friends for going away to mutual events and the odd camping trip. No hidden or blocked views with those.

      You can get them with their own monitors or once again you could get one of the mirror style display units that clamp over the existing mirror and accept input from the rear camera. Then just use the touch screen function to select the rear camera and use it.

      Be aware that if you do this that you might want to mount it at a spot other than the rear bumper. It's nice to keep that rear facing camera further forward so you get a nice view of your blind spots at the rear corners. And that only works if the camera is mounted more to the front at around the middle of the vehicle. And that means a roof post or some other arrangement.
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        There's a fun video out there from I think Britain. A lady is driving slowly down a tight neighborhood street, and some guy comes out from the side- plenty of time of the lady to stop, and he's pushing a motorcycle. When the lady stops, he rolls the bick backward as fast as he can, and rams it into the lady's car. He drops the bike and jumps up on the car hood and tumbles off.

        Guy in flip-flops and shorts appears out of nowhere, starts gesticulating about how he saw everything, etc.

        Lady gets out of the car, and in the midst of the conversation that ensues, which you can't hear well enough to understand, she points out (stupidly, in my opinion) that she has a dash cam. At that point, the one guy picks up his bike and both of them book it out of there.

        Basically they were threatening to call the police, and were going to make some offer of "hey, if you give us each a hundred bucks, we'll forget about the whole thing", etc. (Some go as far as taking he case to the insurance company, hoping for tens of thousands in "medical bills", etc.

        And, if the lady hadn't had the camera, she'd have been over a barrel. The biker, after all, had a "witness".

        And in Russia, basically neither the cops nor the insurance agencies will believe a word you say unless you have video, so dash cams are extremely popular over there.

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          Addendum: I say "stupidly" because she shouldn't have said anything about the camera, and called the cops. Once they showed up, show them the video and get the pair arrested.

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            You guys talk like the cops are going to launch a full scale investigation into who is at fault. Maybe if someone died or a really horrific crash
            they might but if it's just a fender bender, they're going to make a determination at the scene. Most dash cams have a way to play back the video.
            which I am sure the officer at the scene would be happy to watch. I also have one of those rear view mirror cams that has an additional cam
            mounted in the back. It has very nice touch screen where you can review the recordings.

            I had an oops a while back. I was backing out of a parking spot at a doctor's office, with two large vehicles on either side of me to where I could
            not see. I was backing out slowly and some lady hit me so hard that it spun my car around a little. Witnesses said the girl was speeding and on
            her phone. The cop and the insurance company both said it doesn't matter, the car backing up is always at fault.

            But my cam cost about 60 bucks and am very happy with it.
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              Wish I had a camera a few years ago on New Years Eve.
              Went and picked up some Chinese food and this Ford Bronco almost creamed me in the parking lot.
              It was raining and dark and I pulled up behind him at a light and noticed a very fancy duck painting on the wheel cover.
              He took off when it went green and was almost going sideways-crazy and drove all over the road and speeding in the rain . Almost caught up
              to him as he waited for the next traffic light and he took off again but I stopped (red) then drove on and found a fresh accident on the side of the road
              He killed 3 people and there was the duck where the window of a store would be. I waited until the Police arrived but my testimony was not "Valid" according to the police
              I did not note the License number they said when I observed his erratic driving behavior
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                Matt - My first camera for the car was a VIOFO A119S. It is a single view camera. Pretty basic but works great and video quality is good. The second camera for the truck is a VIOFO A129 Duo. It comes with two cameras--One front, one rear. The A129 Duo will allow you to connect to the camera and view files via your Smart Phone. You don't have to remove the SD card. So a police officer doesn't even have to know there is a SD card. As I recall, both cameras need a battery source and an ignition source along with ground. The ignition source is to activate the camera when you start your vehicle. The battery source is for parking security, if you set the option. You can set the sensitivity for parking and if the car is bumped, the camera(s) activate. The cameras come with the wiring and in the case of the Duo, the interconnect cable for the rear camera. (The interconnect cable supplies the rear camera with power. No other wiring is needed for it.) I think the Duo came with fuse box taps (I don't recall) but those are available just about everywhere to capture the battery and ignition power. Ground can be taken off a body screw near the fuse box. I ran all the wiring behind the windshield trim and down the A-pillar for the front camera(s). The cable for rear camera is long enough to follow the front camera wiring then past the fuse box and under the door sill trim. On the truck, I ran the cable from the rear door sill trim up and along the top of the rear window. I have the rear camera mounted at the top-center of the rear window. This is a 4-door truck so plenty of wire is supplied. Both my front cameras use the a polarizing filter. That makes a huge difference in video quality (sun glare, etc.). If the camera you get doesn't come with it, buy it as an accessory. It's worth it.


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                  I have one and am very happy with it, too many people tending to their phones on the highway nowadays. I have a 70Mai camera which is decent, it has its own wifi so you can download videos to your phone wirelessly.
                  Get one with high resolution as the ultra wide angle lenses make it hard to read license plates otherwise.


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                    Originally posted by CCWKen View Post
                    Matt - My first camera for the car was a VIOFO A119S. It is a single view camera. Pretty basic but works great and video quality is good. The second camera for the truck is a VIOFO A129 Duo. ,,. It's worth it.
                    thanks for the info Ken, it's much appreciated. I'll be saving my pennies for the A129 Duo, has great reviews on Amazon too.


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                      I have a Garmin. Not real happy that is does not allow me to choose what information is displayed; at least as far as I know. I have a video of an accident where a guy flew past traffic on the berm but don't know how to blur peoples faces so can't publish it. At the time I told my wife; this is not going to end well and sure enough a minute or so later came on the accident scene.
                      Below is one video from the camera. I deleted many other videos of the stupid things people do on the roads.


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                        Here's a clip from my 70Mai Dash Cam Pro, it was around $70 for a 1944p resolution sensor. The original video is sharper than the youtube compressed one.
                        Things do look less dramatic with such a wide angle lens, everything seems much farther away than they are in reality.


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                          the car backing up is always at fault.
                          Yup. Apparently someone can come screaming up behind you while you're backing up, slam of the brakes right behind you, and it's your fault.
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                            for home surveillance DVRs you must have accurate time. if there are obvious discrepancies the opposing counsel can get the evidence thrown out

                            I recommend using the NTP option on the DVR ( network time protocol updates the time on your computer ) and disabling it on the camera, so you don't have a discrepancy.

                            In a vehicle the only obvious choice would be a camera that records GPS time.


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                              The stupidest part of this is that the truck HAS a rear camera. and the anti-collision detector in front has some form of detector which may be a camera (could be radar). But the output from them is not accessible.

                              Originally posted by AD5MB View Post
                              for home surveillance DVRs you must have accurate time. if there are obvious discrepancies the opposing counsel can get the evidence thrown out

                              In a vehicle the only obvious choice would be a camera that records GPS time.
                              It seems that if you have a video of "that vehicle" doing what it did, then it would be difficult to toss the video out even of the time is not indicated at all.

                              After all, how many times does one create an artificial collision just to make a video that shows something different than what really happened? Yes, it could be done, but really... Especially since the damage is likely to show up, and it better look just exactly like what the actual vehicle had.
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                                I'd have liked to have video of the buck that jumped across the road in front of me and the two small deer that belly flopped side by side on to the hood of my car and slid off the other side leaving dirty hoof prints. Bad location, couple months later sitting at the red light four cars back, and I got rear ended.