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Atlas Horizontal Mill Drive belt query.

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  • Atlas Horizontal Mill Drive belt query.

    I recently bought an Atlas Horizontal mill which had been asleep for 50 odd years.
    It has a two step pulley on the spindle and a matching one on the countershaft and what appears to be the original toothed vee belt, approximately a B size belt.
    Unfortunately the machine was left with the belt tensioned and the belt has taken two definite : sets: which lead to vibration.
    Has anyone been able to remove the bumps in old belts. and if so how.
    Or secondly can anyone tell me what belt should I obtain to replace it.
    Regards David Powell.

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    I kinda like those Fenner Power Twist link belts for such an application.



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      use it for a while, they'll even out.


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        I agree with Matt, but if you do decide to replace it Doozer's suggestion avoids the bothersome dismantling otherwise required.
        "A machinist's (WHAP!) best friend (WHAP! WHAP!) is his hammer. (WHAP!)" - Fred Tanner, foreman, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering machine shop, circa 1979


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          The spindle is already out, I replaced the the oilite bushings in the pulley and small backgear this morning.
          . It seems that the original owner did not possess or use an oilcan on the backgearing. and especially the pulley.
          Incredibly I have found a brand new vee belt in my stash which may fit so I reckon it is worthwhile to remove the backgear shaft and compare the belts side by side.
          There is enough travel on the belt tensioner to cover slight differences in belt length
          I will keep you posted, Thanks for the hints,
          Regards David Powell.


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            Sorry it took so long to respond, but I was having trouble with my login. The belt to the spindle is a 5L280. When I replaced my worn belt some time ago I purchased it from McMaster Carr. They are not too difficult to change.


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              Thankyou for your helpful replies,
              The belt I found in my stash was a Dunllop 2300, could not read the rest of the markings, That does work, but seems slightly longer than the original.
              Regards David Powell.