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  • What is it - Tool Holder Edition

    Wondering if anyone is able to identify this tool holder I received in a batch of collets. It’s not that large, you can see the scale in the picture of it in my hand. I got 4 miniature double-angle collets with it that are stamped K&T. Nose piece threads on to close the collet, but there are no threads for a drawbar so I’m guessing there would be another threaded collar of some sort to hold it in a spindle. I can’t see the tool capacity going any larger than 1/2”.

    My google skills aren’t pulling anything up like this. Does anyone recognize it?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	86DA5C44-2692-4DF9-9BFE-7BC4B96CCA7F.jpeg
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Size:	2.38 MB
ID:	1901643Click image for larger version

Name:	D8794DD4-75CF-432B-A4CD-BBC5C28E80FB.jpeg
Views:	220
Size:	2.61 MB
ID:	1901644Click image for larger version

Name:	B43DFD68-8AD6-42A0-A37A-25B2FD03661C.jpeg
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Size:	3.04 MB
ID:	1901642
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    Maybe this:
    1601 2137 5683 1002 1437

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    Hashim Khan

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      That would make sense -> I also got a number of collets that I had thought were ZZ type, but now I can see that they are actually K&T 30. Thanks.


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        If that had been a K&T 40 NST I would have been interested in buying it from you.


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          To late anyhow. They’re on the way to a new owner already.