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  • Color Code for Steel

    I have many round pieces of steel that are colored at end (Orange and Violet) or Purple
    I wandering what kind of steel it is. Do someone know where I can find a Color Chart for that matter, also many pieces are mark F459 may be that number is not for identification ???
    Can someone help please and Thank you

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    If you know where it came from they might could help but usually those color codes are for the convenience of the stock hands who pull the orders.If you want to get an idea of its nature do some simple tests like a spark test,cut of a piece and try it out in the lathe and see how it machines,see if a magnet sticks to it,try to heat treat it with a torch another words do a little detective work
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      Unless you can find out who supplied it and check with them - good luck. The only thing you can realistically do is the simple spark - test unless you have access to a mass spectrograph to test it for analysis.

      I checked in my books and could not come up with anything to help you - sorry.


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        Ryerson-Tull has their color codes on the website. I have no idea if these codes are standard between companies, but it could be a place to start.



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          Paul, there are S A E color cddes for steel that were standard years ago. I have a copy {not a chart] in an American Machihist Hahd Book from about 1934.These used to be common, but I don't find them all that much now. I can't find the book just now,but will post the list when I do. I think a lot of end colors are for in house I.D. now.



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            In my experience each supplier has their own code. I have ordered from various suppliers the kind of stock and found that each was different.


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              Having dealt with several different steel supply house in the past few years I can tell you imfatically that THERE IS NO STANDARD COLOR CODING SYSTEM FOR ANY METALS. It is a situation that really frosted me to no end when I was doing most of our steel ordering. I'd order a certain grade of an SEA alloy steel( ie. 4140 TG&P )from one vender and sure as God made little green apples the idiots in the front office would go to somebody else. The stuff would come in with the other suppliers color coding and unless the boys that unloaded the truck sent you the shipping papers you could have on hell of a time trying to figure out what was what. All because they could get it 5 cents a pound cheaper. The cost saving could right out the window if we made a job and heat treated it and then found out it was the wrong stuff. But we're saving money.
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