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  • Turret Tool Post Holders

    My lathe has a square turret type tool post.
    I've been looking for tool holders that will accept parting, knurling, and boring bars; thus far with no success.
    Perhaps I've just been looking in the wrong places.
    The type holders that I am seeking, look like the holders that mount onto a quick change tool post that utilizes a dovetail for holder attachment, except that they have a 1/2" square side extension that allows it to be clamped in the turret's clamping channel.
    Are these type tool holders available, and if so; from whom?

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    You might try MSC at the link below.

    Paul G.
    Paul G.


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      One of first places I checked was MSC.
      My MSC catalog isn't the latest, but it does show a turret tool post with a line drawing that shows the type of tool holders that I'm looking for.
      However, I couldn't find these type of tool holders in the MSC catalog!
      Stikes me as a bit strange that they would sell the turret post but not any of the tool holders for it.
      Bob W


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        Make your own.


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          Hey, Bob! My old Logan had just the standard lantern type tool post so I made a square tool holder for it that takes 4 3/8" square tool bits and made a 6 position holder for the tail stock. Lots of learning experience in that!!