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My daughter bit a coyote in the arss today and i could not be more prouder...

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  • My daughter bit a coyote in the arss today and i could not be more prouder...

    Typical trail running with Lil Lew stinker bottom this monyatta when she flushed out a full grown coyote and the race was on, I seriously was not alarmed and kinda said in my head "yeah good luck wit dat" and then when i seen her holding even at first I gave out one of those Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka no real concerns of "no --- wait --- stop" just like right before the one phat kid fell into the chocolate stream and later got stuck in the intake pipe,,,

    then things changed rapidly --- my little gurl had the taste of blood in her mouth --- she closed the gap --- the yot'ee sensed it --- all kinds of real screams came from me telling her "NO" and calling her by her moms maiden name,,, somewhere between a half dozen and a dozen direct orders from good ole Pop's totally disobeyed,,, not even "selective hearing" more like "F-U old man" lol

    then I see it all unfold --- the yot'ee's now down to it's last play of cards, radical dodges in both directions then Lew guesses correctly and the yotes ass ends up directly into her mouth --- a quick clamp --- a sharp yipe, and then a tumble and that's all it was --- it regained it's footing and she let it go....

    was just a statement - like "hey I had your ass just so you know - now stay the F out of my running grounds comprendo?"

    im very proud of her for not hurting it,,, also that it did not escalate and it not hurting her but really do believe she's got the right stuff --- only thing is a little understeer in the turns due to trying to keep that massive head on the trail line lol

    she got scolded --- i don't like her chasing wildlife and being out of control like that --- was the whole tail between her legs next to crawling on her belly approach --- but make no mistake - one proud Papa

    don't thing the OP needed an OT but if you clicked on it then I guess your bad then Ehhh?

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    All made sense when I finally figured out it was a DOG! Funny.
    Southwest Utah


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      Hey, no picture, no gloat.
      But it is a great story.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

      And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        All's i got is post chase chillin after Pop's pulled out some cactus quills... oh yeah and few barbied chicken legs digesting --- was a special occasion...

        Click image for larger version

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          Is that a Plott Hound? Looks just like my Dad's.


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            At first I thought your daughter must be like Borats daughter, then figured out your daughter is a dog.


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              I have a problem with my dog also. When he puts his mind on a chase he gets totally out of control. Unfortunately to get some sense into him, I had to get him a remote controlled collar. He is is afraid of bicycles and weighing 40 Kg he could be a problem for mountain bikers that appear out of nowhere we we walk in the wilderness.
              Helder Ferreira
              Setubal, Portugal


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                Originally posted by RB211 View Post
                At first I thought your daughter must be like Borats daughter, then figured out your daughter is a dog.
                Be interested to see a pic of the mother.

                I watched Borat again the other day, too funny, sis holding up her trophy or coming into the hotel calling the guy vanilla face...heehee...he is very daring, amazing he survived his road trip

                Out for my early morning exercise, I a saw a coywolf two weeks ago, yes that is a thing....every grey wolf has some coyote in them so its what some call what is I guess a basically grey wolf. Big a fast and booking it down a street in my neighbourhood which in the middle of the 6 (Toronto proper lol). I'm in an area surrounded by ravines so seeing lots of wildlife in the early hours is common, but I've never seen a wolf/coywolf. that includes growing up in the country where we had coyotes, but first time seeing a wolf/half wolf
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                in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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                  Who refers to their dog as their daughter ?
                  How deep in the south are you ? ? ? ? ? ?
                  It's kinda twisted dude.



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                    Pretty dog! I've always been partial to brindled dogs.


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                      Originally posted by eKretz View Post
                      Is that a Plott Hound? Looks just like my Dad's.
                      She's half Pit and half Mt. Cur so yeah the latter is hound, My two other girls were Pit and Mt. cur but not all wrapped up into one, this one totally reminds me of both in fact the charging up to the coyote and biting it in the arss is definitely my old dog Luka who was the mt. cur.. that was a trademark of hers...

                      Dooze don't freak out --- dogs become your kids, you raise them just like children in a way - try to teach them right and wrong and keep them out of trouble --- sometimes they can even teach you a thing or two if you pay attention...


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                        The first pic is of my ole girl Luka --- she lived her entire life without me even knowing what breed she was lol as you can tell she's spitting image of the Dog in the second pic that's a mt. cur in fact iv seen that look a million times lol

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC05370.jpg Views:	0 Size:	29.2 KB ID:	1908155

                        Lewie's got the look --- it's just that she's carrying around another 50% head size from the pit part of her lol


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                          Real similar to the Plott. Here is my Dad's, she's not real happy about getting her breakfast interrupted, heh.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Yes wow definite resemblance did not know what they were either till you posted about them,

                            just a mid size dog but you cannot underestimate them --- when I lived in "the chicken coop" id be wrenching on cars with Luka in the garage with me - the door would be open in the summer time --- a big stray dog would wander into the alley, Luke would tear after it --- did not matter if it was twice the size - run out and chase it down and get a good nip in on the hind quarters then just turn around and walk back like nothing happened, id watch the whole thing go down and just shake my head and say "you know --- your gonna get your ass kicked someday doing that crap"

                            This little description from the Wiki link; "The Mountain Cur is intelligent, easily trained, and neither vicious nor shy. They are known to try to please their masters. They are not, however, dogs to be trifled with; (this is the part that kinda chokes me up because i know it to be true) historically many a cur died fighting to protect their family from attackers or dangerous predators."

                            Luka's the one that jumped into a raging spring melt current when she seen I did not get my roll in my kayak,,, was missing in action for over 45 minutes... she got swept downstream for miles and I thought for sure she had perished,,, after much frantic looking im back at the surf wave staring at the blurry water due to my eyes watering up and I get the feeling someone's watching me - it was Luke all dripping wet and out of breath with a look like "what are you looking for fool" lol cantankerous was her personality and the older she got the more she wore it on her sleeve, I sure miss that kid along with the Pig....

                            here's to Dogs...


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                              Old Yeller was a Black Mouth Cur, according to the book, but the dog used in the movie, "Spike", was a "Mastador", a Mastiff / Yellow Lab mix.

                              Black Mouth Cur:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	blackmouth-cur-red.jpg
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                              Looks a bit like my dog Muttley (2004-2015):
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Molly_Muttley_NCR_200808-18.jpg
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                              With his friend "Larka", whom we met on the NCR trail. She's a Native American Indian Dog:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	LarkaAndMuttley_200808-05.jpg
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                              Paul , P S Technology, Inc. and MrTibbs
                              USA Maryland 21030