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  • base for level

    i fnally got around to making an adjustable base for the 2µ level. top screw is 0.8 mm pitch, lower is 0.1 mm. 0.05 would have been better. i was lucky in that the screws dont move if you adjust the other one. next step will be provisions for three pegs in the base (probably two locations).

    im also considering to put a v in the base so it can ride on a v-way, or rather attatching square chanels of different dimensions similar to the round king-way tube (some people make them adjustable in width). i wonder if there is a better solution, however, because i dont like the resulting 4-point contact. any thoughts?

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    If you want to ride on a v-way you're sort of stuck with the 4-point contact unless you don't want the level to self-align.


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      Nicely done. A three point carbide support would be a nice touch, Vee block not so much. Ron