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Machined Christmas Gifts?

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    Originally posted by oxford View Post
    Not really useful but the grandkids might think a “turners cube” is kind of cool
    Click image for larger version

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    And if a turner's cube is blase, you could try a stellated tetrahedron.


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      How about something usefull. A set of simple tools they will use for the rest of their lives that will always be linked to you. Perhaps some nice screwdrivers (blade sets can be bought from lee valley), or a small layout square, or hammer. Fixed blade pocket knife. I know not strictly "machined" items, but some things that somebody with a modest shop and machining skills should be able to make. Plus it would hold more value to your Grandkids than a trinket like a cube that is easily tossed aside and forgot about.

      How old are your Grandkids? Do they live close? Perhaps you could involve them in the building of the project. They both get to hold on to the memory, AND the gift. I don't remember many gift my grandparents ever bought me, but I hold on to some special memories of spending time with them.


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        Yep, I bought my grandson a complete set of mechanics tools when he was about 11. At 14 I bought him a complete set of Milwaukee battery power tools and have added to the set. At 16 he is finally starting to use all of it.


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          Pocket safe from a bolt.
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