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Tapping small stuff I turned Morse-Taper

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  • Tapping small stuff I turned Morse-Taper

    I always got problems tapping small sizes, aligning straight, getting some tap wrench under a drill press chuck, swapping drills out for taps, things get in the way, adjust, re-adjust height,,,,and so on.
    So,I came up with this,,,,I found a Jacobs chuck that would close down to 0. its a 0-3/8" chuck, with 3/8-24 mount.
    I made a little 3/8" bolt into a 'button' that could capture the ubiquitous spring loaded tap guide.
    Then I made the sliding-lathe-die-holder-thingy that goes into tailstock chuck
    Except, I used this as my first trial to turn a tooling 'morse taper', to eliminate tail chuck, go direct into tail quill #2MT.
    I indicated lathe compound taper to existing tooling, and went to turning on a piece of 3/4 unknownium
    My compound has less travel than standard 2MT length so I got a short taper, good enough for hand tap alignment, I think.
    Then bored a 1/2 hole in the other end of that
    Then made a 3/8-24 arbor-slider for the 2MT holder, out of 1/2" O1 rod stock
    My 1st ever trial turning 2MT fit the taper nice, a bit too nice truthfully, I couldn't get it out, I forgot about a short taper and short tang (no tang)
    I threaded a little screw button in it such that I could extract it from tailstock.
    I actually used it the first time, to put the tang-extraction-screw into 2MT shank.

    Click image for larger version

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    There's always more than one way to skin a cat, well done.


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      There has always been a really simple solution.... nice tool you built ..btw..
      keep in mind, many small taps have a 60 degree point, rather than a hole..
      that said, I use this .. get a piece of 3/8 bar stock... 1.5 inch long will do , but you may want a longer one as well.
      now turn one end to 60 degree point..... you can use a bevel tool set to a guage..easier than turning compound..
      now on other end drill a center with center drill.
      now you cover all taps.... hold with drill chuck to guide tap, get it in 3 turns .... and you dont need the tool..


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        this is also a sensitive hand feel chuck for lathe, for really small drills