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    Now that is real, as it gets.

    I am always weary of mics and mini cams. None of my laptops or desk top computers have mics or cameras. The phone though!! Thats very good to know. Thanks.

    And NO.... I am not paranoid. I just had a new case of Aluminum foil delivered. Im tight for a few JR


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      The problem in this case is that Microsoft has made a deal so that their application "Your Phone" is preloaded in all of Samsung's phones. "Your Phone" allows your Windows 10 computer to run programs on your phone and display them on your computer. The Your Phone app basically has root privileges for the phone.

      I used the Andriod De Bugging program (ADB) on my laptop to permanently disable the Your Phone services. I got the instructions online. ADB uses a USB cable to connect to the cell phone.

      I will think twice about buying Samsung in the future. I don't want Microsoft to have access to all the data on my phone. I don't want to find out that my $1000 phone which is only two years old will no longer get system OS upgrades. It will, however continue to get security updates.

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        Was it a thread on here or the BBC website that mentioned that the phone companies had made maps of where people went during the lockdowns - those that never left home and got food delivered, those that went to a supermarket and how often, and all those other trips too. No need for special 'contact apps' just the usual tracking ability could tell the overcrowded bars, the idiots going on marches, the group of ten teenagers (age easiy identified from browsing history) cross connecting with other similar groups, the detour off the straight home route that involved half an hour at the address corresponding to the call made five minutes before. The data is all there in the archive, not yet for the ordinary police but those with the power .................


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          Originally posted by Noitoen View Post
          Found online
          I tried the link you posted but it says it is not allowed in my location.
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            Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
            Yesterday evening I am at my computer and all of a sudden up pops a live feed of me sitting at my computer. It really surprised me and freaked me out a little bit. What happened? Is Big Brother watching me!!!!!!
            You didn't really believe 5G was about you the consumer getting more bandwidth did you?

            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Black Forest , there are a variety of options that move control from big tech companies (FAANG-M) and telecoms to you. None of them are perfect, and all of them take a little more effort.

              1) Buy a phone (or use the one you've already got), wipe it, and install LineageOS. Choose a phone that is widely used with LineageOS, there are plenty. I'll help you choose if you want.

              2) Same as 1) but use LineageOS with MicroG or Calyx OS. These are like LineageOS, but they remove various pieces of sketchy Google software and replace them with open alternatives. Your phone will be nearly 100% open-source except for a bunch of chip firmware, drivers, etc. This is probably the best balance of rights and privacy to ease of use in my opinion. You're giving away your location via cell tower triangulation as long as you're connected to your provider's network, but not much else. This is provided you don't actively give it away by installing apps that will spy on you, of course. Though there are ways with LineageOS to "lie" to apps about data you don't want to give them. For instance, if an app won't run without hoovering up data on what other apps are installed, you merely lie to it about what other apps are installed and it runs.

              3) Librem 5 or Pinephone. These are as good as it gets with respect to actually having control over your phone (really a small general-purpose computer) these days. Open hardware, open software. They are being actively developed and are really just for the technically inclined these days.

              4) Buy a candy bar Nokia. It'll make calls, send texts, and the battery will last a week. So there's that.

              5) There are a bunch of other relevant options, like Fairphone + PostmarketOS or Sailfish on some Xperia devices, but 1-4 is a pretty good lay of the land.


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                This may be related...

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                  Originally posted by mickeyf View Post


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                    Some people say that the crazy mobile phone game from a while back "Pokemon Hunt" was used for obscure reasons. If they wanted to get live feed from hundreds of places, all they had to do is release a Pokemon on that location and soon they would have images from all angles. Even those fitness watches revealed the location of several US bases by putting online the course the the soldiers used for training.

                    All it's needed is some powerful computers to analyze and join bits of information to be useful to who ever is interested.
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                      This has been going on for sometime...
                      The Lawsuit does not surprise me and this was made public, maybe 5 years ago

                      For example :
                      So you own a car company and decide to do a Superbowl ad....The Marketing company tells you 5 million people will see the ad
                      The TV station sells the ad and says they guarantee 5 million viewers , so you pay them the fee (Based on the 5 Mill figure) ---but how do you know you are not being overcharged ?
                      So now (without the TV station knowing it ) you record your video (ad) but you add a subsonic sound like -bell-ding-dong to the video
                      Then you make a deal with a telephone CARRIER to tell you how many ding dongs they got during the superbowl
                      EVEN IF THE PHONE IS OFF , it will hear the ding dongs ,,,and report it back to the carrier , and the carrier sells the info to the car guy so he has an idea
                      of whether he was overcharged or not by the TV station and his marketing group.
                      Lot going on out there folks !
                      I don't have a cell phone , so how did I get a new book release notice by email from Amazon - I never did a search for that subject on line- I am doing research on the subject, but it is with library books , and my only communication is by email......and Amazon never sent me new book releases before ?
                      This was no coincidence , it sent shivers down my back
                      Just think if I had a cellphone !

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                        Originally posted by mickeyf View Post
                        The gall they have...

                        I watched a show the other day (ancient aliens) and they were talking about the Apple Icloud fiasco. Data breach. Amazing tech we have these days, no thanks!! JR