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    It's under 'thread tools' Like JT said, it,s hardly worth it.You have to toggle back and forth just to reply.


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      Interesting Format

      This new narrow format has some interesting possibillities.
      If I can get the required paper to feed through my printer, I can produce some very ineresting reading material for the Dunny!
      If I dont agree with a particlar thread, then I can put the paper to another good use.



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        Evan, I don't own a widescreen monitor, and don't intend to buy one soon.

        I suspect a large portion of the perusers and users of this forum are like me, and use the computer as a tool, and are happy with their low end machines. If they had the choice to upgrade or reduce their time on the forum, they would probably choose the latter.

        There are quite a few sites I run across that don't work well with what I have, and I don't go there.
        Jim H.


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          Originally posted by Evan
          For those that are already seeing it close to full width you are likely using a screen resolution of 800 x 600 which is what the BBS software is currently set up to fit.
          Yep, I run the 800x600 and it looks fine on my 20" monitor. Having a big monitor and then using it to display tiny text makes no sense at all for my applications. I want big screen realestate, and highly readable text. I don't want to have to sit 2" from a 20" monitor and squint just to read the text. And yes, my vision is better than 20/20.

          Having said that, my hope is individual screen resolution should be a non issue with modern bbs software. I recognize that people run all different levels of resolution for their particular applications. I know that all the other bbs I frequent have people running their machines at different resolutions, yet there does not seem to be problems with full-screen viewing for any of them.



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            Originally posted by JCHannum
            Evan, I don't own a widescreen monitor, and don't intend to buy one soon.

            I suspect a large portion of the perusers and users of this forum are like me, and use the computer as a tool, and are happy with their low end machines. If they had the choice to upgrade or reduce their time on the forum, they would probably choose the latter.
            My computers are all simply tools. I don't have a high end machine either even though I own quite a few computers. The one exception is one I have at work that I use to duplicate customer problems and has all the latest updates and software so I can provide assistance using a machine similar to what I sell. I play no video games exceptiing very occasionaly taking a break using that high end machine at work and to demo the capabilities to customers. This machine is an 800 mhz PIII and so is the machine I use most at work.

            However, a part of my work is graphic design and web page work. For that I must have the ability to view the work the same way that others do including large/wide screen displays etc.

            I don't like this BBS software and it certainly won't do anything to help dispell the Romper Room image that some people attribute to the forum. I wrote my first BBS software over 20 years ago. In some ways it was more useful than this even though it had no graphics capability (maybe because of that).

            The reason people come here is for the content, not to be able to choose from a bunch of electronic confetti to adorn thier posts or to play childish popularity contest games. The presentation of the content is all important and directly reflects upon the provider of this forum, Villiage Press. They are free to choose what impression they wish to convey and in my opinion this choice is not particularly favorable or utilitarian. I doubt many people here would buy a machine tool primarily based on appearance, functionality is far more important. The functionality of this forum has suffered from the change even though it solves a few small problems that existed in the previous software.

            There is no need to use the forum members as testers. The supplier of the BBS software provides a free trial online that allows you to experiment with a sample forum setup for a month while you learn how to use it and customize it. The decision to present the forum as it currently appears is a conscious one and taken for reasons we are not privy to.
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              This is one case where your knowledge of the specifics of the BBS, the internet, and related software, far exceeds mine. I left computers before the internet, and only got back as a "user" last year. This machine is the first I bought since I built a 386 machine with 40meg hard drive, bleeding cutting edge at the time. My monitor is a 17 inch color one that I bought (it is a least 10yrs old) when my little amber monitor finially bit the biggie.

              The point that I am trying to make, is I don't think that this site is a "burning" priority at VP, that warrents paying "crash money" in overtime, etc. to be made "perfect". I think that the learning curve at their end may be steeper than you realize, in that they have "jumped" several generations.

              My old work the computers I used all Y2K failed, but the were just glorified "egg timers". They still were not "upgraded" when the placed closed in 2005. The front office computers/software were all upgraded prior to Y2K, every biz has only so much money/time, and usually more to do than budget will allow.

              If in two weeks the site remains the same, I may feel less likely to give the benifit of the doubt to growing pains.
              Today I will gladly share my experience and advice, for there no sweeter words than "I told you so."


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                Evan, as I pointed out previously, what I am seeing is identical to what you posted as your idea of the "ideal" screen. That is what I see. It only lacks the green bars separating the posts.

                It fills the screen, is easily read and quite professional looking. I do hope that it is kept that way, but if it is not, my quality of life will not suffer.

                I won't even ask for my money back.
                Jim H.


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                  I wish i knew half of what some of these guys on here know about computers. I am doing good to post on this board and send an email with an occasional picture in it. I come here for the information that I can learn and occasionally pass on and I would bet that most of the others here aren't computer experts either. I think the board looks good as I have frequented other boards that apparantly use the same software. Evan, I know that you are disturbed by this new software but posting your complaints directly on the board doesn't seem to help much. How about sending Neil an email and talking these problems over with him directly. No one on this site can change these things. It may be that you may be able to offer some advice to help better the board. I really enjoy your posts on what your building in the shop but these posts about the board are getting tiresome. Just my two cents worth.
                  Jonathan P.


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                    I am not very computer hip, so I don't realy see the problem with the site. It seems that other sites have a learning curve to them and now this one is no different.

                    I got use to the old site and guess I will get use to this one as time marches on.
                    Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                      Your comparison on books would make more sense like this.

                      How would people like it if they bought the large format Machinerys Handbook and it was just the small version printed on larger paper with big blank margins? Actually, that's not a bad idea -- all that space for notes

                      What people who are running low resoluton don't seem to appreciate is that setting the software back to 100% would not change their views of the page. No matter the resolution someone chooses to use, the page would always fill up the screen.

                      As to the cost involved, 1) This is all advertising costs 2) I have already posted the simple steps that are needed to fix this particular issue and the [IMG] tag issue. It took me all of 15 minutes to setup a test BBS and figure this out.


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                        OK. Logged in this am and the format changed(at least for me). The text is wider and the lettering is bigger. Much easier now to read.


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                          Do your screen icons also look bigger today? Got any kids?
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                            Originally posted by Evan
                            Do your screen icons also look bigger today? Got any kids?

                            Yeah. I just noticed that everything is bigger(gotta tell my wife;-)).
                            I better go reset something.


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                              My settings on my screen are according to specs.....

                              set at 1280 X 1024 and the intelligent information on my screen is less than just a tad over 1/2 the screen width yet I'm straining to see either 8 or 10 pointy font?

                              The young folks at work set their computers set their computers for 8 - 10 point font because it makes them "feel" more precise! Little tiny infintessimal script and they got their noses just inches from the screen! Yea, they're really smart!

                              I have good eyesight and still had to have special glasses to use the equipment. Then they mount the crap near the floor which really gives the neck a workout when using bi-focals

                              I'm think the board could use a reworking. I never understood why the other boards didn't follow VP's old board!
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