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Making the Cut knurler from the Journal

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  • Making the Cut knurler from the Journal

    So I got the back issues on this. It's a pretty slick bit of over kill Michael Ward has there. Well any over kill is dependent on whether one uses an aloris type tool post or an older style that's hard to adjust up and down.
    Anyway I'm making drawings of the ting more to get my head around it than anything else and I stumbled across something odd.
    May June 2010 page 60 has the head of the ting. It's a pretty busy bit of work. There's a Slot in it in the Dovetail that joins a bore on a face for a height adjustment. If I have drawn it correctly the slot interferes with the dovetail effectively slicing off half of it

    Here's a view of the part the green is the solid I built to do a 3-D Boolean Subtract to generate the groove. You can see the green of it comes through slicing off the Dovetail.
    I'm going to just move it over. Have any of you made this and did you contact the author Michael Ward, and ask him about it?
    It's possible that I've screwed the location but I have double checked it a few times and I think I'm in the right place.

    I screwed up after all.
    cut knurler head
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    Oh now See. It was Me that screwed up. I stupidly Centered the DT and it's off set. Damn~!! well that'll be easy to fix

    See? all better.
    Click image for larger version

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      Glad you got it figured out, please post some photos of the build
      in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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        Yes, please keep us posted on your progress. Over the years (hard to believe it was ten years ago!) I've had a few people bring a completed, or not completed, cut knurler to the hobby shows to show me. It's a beautiful little tool once done.

        Give a shout if you run into any more problems. I have the full tool modeled up in solids.
        Traverse City, MI


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          what is the challenge in making this? the angles?