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Not O/T: Security for the Shop. Any ideas?

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    From personal experience of twenty years owning a contract cleaning business. It will take the police from a half hour to an hour to respond to an alarm. The secretary or H R would change the code and password, notify everyone but the cleaning service. I always had the owners/G M's cell phone #, and after a call or two at midnight, I usually got included in the list to notify. Second thing, in spite of dozens of false alarms, the police always accepted my business card as ID, and leave.


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      Air raid siren inside the shop that can't be shut off without cutting power to the building.


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        I installed wyze cameras around my home and in my shop. They run on WiFi and usb power. You can hook up passthrough power banks to them to keep the going after a power outage. The cams were 25$ a piece and 5$ for 32gb memory cards that serve as DVRs. Some of these single cell pass through power banks can be had for 5$ a piece too. These can be set to alert of there is any movement.

        When I lived in a place where there were supposed to be crime, no theft happened there in ages. Moved to an affluent neighborhood and thieves all over.... As for my shop. It's in a basement. If they can drag my 800lb lathe up the stairs and disappear that quick then they are a new breed.

        One more thing to keep in mind. Be aware of your surroundings. If your seeing faces that are strange around your home..... Goes without saying.
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