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Powering a bead roller

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    If you use a mill power feed , shaft runs through it, probably more compact if it has enough torque, but I think it has a plastic gear.. be easy to make a choice if you knew what inch pounds the Eastwood unit puts out..


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      Originally posted by dian View Post

      looks like an interesting forum, you have to register, how ever, and thats not possible because the "registration immage" is not displayed. (tried tree browsers.)
      I totally gave up trying to register on that site last year.


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        Originally posted by Captain K View Post
        There's some good ideas there bluechips.....
        I can't take credit for all those ideas. I studied many YouTube videos and cherry picked those that made sense to me and modified them to suit me.

        Since that picture was taken I have added a 3rd veritical axle attachment like Lazze's new machines. It works great for some edge forming since it pinches the metal and holds it tight against the forming roller far better than you can by hand.


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          Hi Guys,

          I reposted the proper link to the metal shaping forum. It seems to work for me as far as I went to register, but then maybe it's because I have been there before even though I have logged out. It's a real good bunch of metal workers both hobby and pro with lots to share. I say give it a chance again.

          Mr fixit for the family


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            thanks. now i can read it without pictures. still no register, im a spammer.