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    Actually, Thrud, it was the table of Canadians who were doing that!!!


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      Well, the table of Canadians weren't doing exactly that... what seemed to be the "thing to do" at that time was to chase down young ladies and bite them on the butt. And I mean really bite! No, the ladies did not like it, and I had one hide behind me. That was OK...


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        Dave I had a friend of mine at university he and I both did an honours degree in psychology. I was a mature student forty and he was just starting out and was twenty seven.Jobs for graduates were and still are scarce.So he ended up applying for a job in London working with transexualls (true honest)He went along for the interview and managed to convince the panel of interviewersthat he had always wanted to work in this field. He was duly given the job. and told he would have all instructions as to when he would start etc sent to him over the next few days.He waited and a few days later the proffesser of the department in Guys Hospital in London contacted him and told him he should first meet up with the leader of the transexualls in Glasgow which is where he lived .He phoned the (guy???) and made an apointment to meet the next evening .When the time came he kept looking for the(guy???) and eventually to his horror he spotted him at a crowded bust stop accross the road he said to me later Alistair you could spot him a mile away cheap wig, and six o'clock shaving shadow etc. Obviously a man dressed up as a woman He nervously walked over and made his way through the crowd to the front of the queue and asked excuse me are you the leader of the Glasgow transexualls .It turned out to be a not very pretty woman waiting for the bus who quickly clobbered him with her hand bag shouting as he made of at the top of her voive cheeky young Bas ///rd I'll have you know I'm a respectacle married woman. true story. Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          You're talking about the Canadian Ballet, very popular with the boys here in New York.



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            I have heard that Ontario is strange. Newfies have told me Ontario is strange. When a Newfie (A proud Newfoundlander) says its strange, I stay away.

            It is a tradition in Banff to stand on the table, pull your pants around your ankles, aim the ol' brown eye east and sing "Oh, Canada." Any visitors, please remember to include this in your "things to do" list. Best performed while "happy & numb".

            That's my story, and I am sticking to it.

            Disclaimer - not responsible for any consequences of YOUR actions in Alberta - unless I help.


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              I have made it a practice to keep a very low profile when in a foreign country. Especially after the "Up the Queen" reaction. You just don't know what the local traditions or reactions will be.
              And, it is really tough for me to keep a low profile anywhere!


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                Not me. I am Canadian and damn proud of it. I refuse to curtail my fun when I have to pay twice as much for it with our $0.55(US value) dollar.

                Party pooper!