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  • Another new guy new to machining

    Hi i am another new guy who has been refered to as a lurker mostly i would come in read the posts and see what projects guys have done. I am new to machining. i like to read the questions some users ask and read the responces and i have learned alot and still have lots to learn . Sometimes having something explained in different way will make it clear to me. I have read several of the primer book, for amature machists. I seem to like the british modelmakers approach "that you have spent good deal of money and should try to offset some futher costs by making some of your own tooling".
    I have found that there some very knowlegable people here and read some of thier posts several times, as i also do the sponsers magazine articles. sometimes i have read it several time to understand it.

    these were my first parts the first , bottom left is the spindle nut to remove the collet , beside it bottom right is an endmill holder that can screw in to the part on the spindle. I made the part on the spindle to accept diffrent end mill holders that were bored to to different sizes to accept different size endmill and i used a set screw to hold them in place .
    The second pic is of my palmgren milling attachment i made the the part to mount it on the cross slide . I first cleaned up a piece of 3/8 steel then bored a hole on it and rough machined a peice of round stock to fit the hole beveled the joints and welded it up then finish machined it to match the mounting portion of the compound , and drilled holes to use the factory holes in the cross slide similar to what even has done on his milling attachment.
    I probably wont be using much in the future as recent purchased a vertical benchmaster. I am currently preping it for some fresh paint not much else
    except a stand for it.
    thank you allen
    scariest thing to hear " I am from the government and i am here to help"

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    I also lurked for a long time before I had the nerve to talk to the experts. You will find a lot of friendly people here that are willing to share their expertise with you.

    That looks like good work, keep it up, do more.

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    Drivers using cell phones do.


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      Welcome Aboard!

      Good on you Alguy,
      I think you've got the right concept...Look, Listen, TRY!...ask some more.
      I too have little to say but can't wait to check in here or get my next Metalworking 'fix' from HSM and MW and blacksmith Hammer-ins.

      Best of Luck.

      Will A


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        welcome ,nice to have you aboard .I like the pictures.
        i have an old benchmaster, currently appart as I make new bearing
        seals for it.
        love that little machine
        i found a steel shaper cabinet to mount it on.


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          Palmgren picture

          Hi Alguy, welcome!

          Like that extension behind that large cross slide dial. Did you make that? Have a similar set up (1" dial) but it is very stubby compared to yours pictured. Assume that IS a 9"" SB?


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            welcome Alguy.
            At times this is a zoo but they seem to sort it all our.
            Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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              It looks like the SB "a" model that was on the auction sunday.



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                I've been at this hobby since 1978 and I still have a lot to learn! Sometimes I think the main thing I've learned is patience.
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                  cross slide extension

                  The lathe came with it that way . I bought the lathe from a retired machinsts daughter cause he was going in to a nursing home . She told me when her dad retired he brought the lathe home because they did away with his job. He worked as tool maker in small manufacturing co. It appears to be a mid 60's lathe some wear but not abused.
                  scariest thing to hear " I am from the government and i am here to help"