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OT: USPS rant!

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    A postal worker on the local radio show indicated that the post office is keeping the hubs from piling up by shipping everything, even if it is not going to the right place! Explains a lot.

    UPS was an awesome company before they were unionized. I'd like to believe in the value of unions to defend the rights of workers, but somehow they turned out to be more corrupt than the companies, and protect the rights of the slackers instead of the good workers. Some of the stuff I have seen at customers plants just makes you shake your head in disbelief.


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      The package that I mentioned has not arrived, and now I am beginning to wonder if it was even shipped. I did pay extra for "before Christmas delivery", so it looks like that was down the drain. And it was ordered quite some time back.
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        I got a package today at 6pm from amazon. Nothing I needed right away, just something I ordered on Monday as part of a bigger order (that already came yesterday). It all wasn't supposed to show up until next week, and to be honest I actually felt a bit guilty that someone would drive all the way out here on Christmas eve just to deliver a roll of copper foil tape to a guy to make fishing lures in his basement. Seems like a giant waste of resources and money, but there's no way to specify when ordering that I DON'T need this in a hurry, just get it to me in a timely manner. Made it even worse that it was freezing rain at the time.


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          I order quite a lot of items online and have had problems with all the shippers. The worst by far[problems per "x" shipments and damage] over the last year has been UPS followed by FEDEX and DHL , trailing by a lot is USPS.

          Graham O