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Maybe a better Chinese Bench lathe?

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  • Originally posted by macona View Post

    Milltronics uses Yaskawa servos and vfds but they make their own controls which are pretty nice. The font panel talks the the small IO panel in the control box via fiber optics.
    I think, I am not sure. I think I have two new 5hp units from them.

    I wanted one for my Hardinge horizontal mill (AKA Lathe). So that worked out so well someone was able to give me one more. She is still new in box. Other one drives the Hardinge.

    Then you think?

    Doesnt this guy have a monarch (moth) that needs 220/3ph?


    Doesnt this guy have a Bridgeport CNC mill, 3 phase!!
    Yes, Thanks Art. I made a rotary after talking with him. Probally 24 years ago.

    What about that funky Emco CNC lathe that has a 345volt transformer (or there about) otherwise it wont run.

    It likes a solid power source. So yo get a 15hp phase converter to run a three inch, 4hp, DC lathe. Between centers is just about 15 inches. I guess. Is that why they called it the 120?

    So yeah. The VFDs from them are the chit JR


    • Originally posted by RB211 View Post

      To be quite honest, and the rate of cancer pilots have is discouraging
      Yeah, fly too close too close to the Sun.

      For too long and Solar Radiation will get you. JR


      • A small budget wood lathe from a reputable brand should always be preferred than some unknown Chinese company in my opinion.


        • Originally posted by david a View Post
          Hi All,
          I saw this youtube the other day and with the recent posts regarding Chinese lathes, I figured this Video may interest some folks.
          It seems that a "Quality" Chinese Machine tool company, Sumore, is trying out a direct marketing strategy in Australia and elsewhere.
          They stock a wharehouse in the country in question & then go for direct sales.
          This Video is by an Australian machinist, Rob, Posting as xynude, and he is getting a 7 X 12 lathe from these people for AU $799, total cost, delivered.
          That's about USD $609, a good price if it ain't junk, I think.
          According to Rob, Sumore has a good reputation & is not just selling rebranded junk from that one big factory.
          On 14 Dec he got the lathe in question & plans a detailed review of it this month.
          I'll be interested to see what he has to say.
          Here's the link.

          One fella was importing Sumore machines here in Finland couple of years ago directly from Sumore factory. Prices were REALLY good compared to other chinese offerings but quality was pretty much the same crap as others. Maybe not the rock bottom lowest quality but still nothing amazing.
          Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe