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walker turner disc / belt sander parts needed

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  • walker turner disc / belt sander parts needed

    Hello all,

    I purchased a Walker Turner disc / belt sander on craigslist and it is missing the work platform for the belt sander. Other than that, it is complete and working. Follow link to a picture I found at vintage machinery for reference. You can see the work platform I am looking for mounted perpendicular to the belt sander at the top of the picture.

    I am relatively new to this hobby and I am hoping some might have this part for sale or be able to suggest another source for the part.

    Much thanks in advance for any help


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    I am sure you will be able to find the part you need. However, in the meantime why not make a substitute, doing that would help show you what tools you are going to need or want to keep the sander company.
    You could use some steel plate and angle and flat steel bar as appropriate.Even making a simple sketch of what to make would give you useful experience.
    Have fun work safe and enjoy our wonderful hobby.
    Regards David Powell,


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      I second what David has said. However, if you really want a factory made replacement, I would say that eBay is your best bet. Unless you are very patient and/or lucky though, you may end up paying as much or more than you did for the sander itself.
      "A machinist's (WHAP!) best friend (WHAP! WHAP!) is his hammer. (WHAP!)" - Fred Tanner, foreman, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering machine shop, circa 1979


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        I plan to fabricate something simple for the short term and hopefully come across the correct part in the future.

        Thanks for the advice.