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Sprunger RD33 refurbish...Done!

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  • Sprunger RD33 refurbish...Done!

    I finished the refurbishing of the Sprunger radial drill press.

    Lots of pictures and info here:

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    Looks great and mounting it on a rolling tool chest is perfect!
    Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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      How is that Motenergy motor?
      I know it is a copy of the Lynch motor.
      I talk to the guy on the phone from Motenergy once.
      He said he used to work for Briggs & Stratton, in their generator division.
      Now he started his own motor company, importing motors from China
      made to his specifications. Nice guy. I was buying some Leeson motors
      for $82 a piece, and he was able to engineer and have the same motor
      made for me for $22 a piece. Quantity was 600 a year.
      Remember those GE Electrak tractors ? ?



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        Nice job,I see it has a keyed horizontal column for tramming back to Vertical.


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          Nice job. I am I interested by your fishing rod storage solution, too. I never thought of the garage doors as a storage location.
          Tom - Spotsylvania, VA


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            Thanks Folks...Yes, its a 48V 13HP Motenergy motor. About $700 from Amazon. It was designed for lawn tractor conversion. 1" shaft, 3300RPM and CC spin.

            Today I got to use the "new" drill press. Drilling holes up to 1/2" in 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" steel. FANTASTIC! I have a milling machine but I hate having to change holders when I simply want to drill a few holes. Having both now is pure luxury!


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              Surprised there was no fuss from the safety nazis about hanging it from lag screws.
              “I know lots of people who are educated far beyond their intelligence”

              Lewis Grizzard


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                These Motenergy / Lynch motors have skewed face commutators and multiple sets of brushes.
                This allows more than just the usual 2 coils in the armature at a time to be energized.
                With this arrangement, all (?) of the armature coils are pulling all the time. Brilliant !