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Why Doesn't My Gear Cover Line Up With My Spindle?

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  • Why Doesn't My Gear Cover Line Up With My Spindle?

    I'm in the process of rebuilding this Southbend 9B. The lathe didn't have a gear cover on it. After doing some looking i assumed that there wasn't a difference between the covers that were on the different models. I bought one off EBAY for $20, which also included the mounting arm. The hole in the cover is a good 1/2" high and 1/2 to the right of the spindle bore. Was I wrong in assuming that the 3 models used the same cover. The lathe did come with the original mounting arm but its identical to the one I bought of EBAY. Any Ideas? I'm also trying to figure out what I can use to replace the springs and wicks on my spindle oilers. I've heard of wooden dowels, any other ideas?

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    Half an inch seems a little extreme, Have you gone through the adjusting procedure outlined in the manual?

    ...Snip-The hole in the cover is a good 1/2" high and 1/2 to the right of the spindle bore.-Snip...


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      South Bend made the 9" for years and years. I'm not surprised the design changed over time. Just make up an adapter of some kind.

      Re: the oiling wicks. I'd be inclined to try, perhaps, a couple short pieces of soft braided cotton rope ("clothesline"). The trouble is, most of the clothesline you can buy at your local hardware store is pretty poor quality. But I'd look around for something like that. Another thought is a couple pieces of a wide white braided shoelace.
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        There were a lot minor changes in the Southbend lathes over the years. Adapt the cover as suggested, make it safe.
        As far as oiler wicks are concerned, pipe cleaners are my replacement of choice.
        Jim H.


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          I have also used pipe cleaners. They work quite well. I'm sure there were alot of changes to the 9" over the years. Could be possible you got the wrong cover? Maybe you could find one to campare. As has been said, you can always modify the arm mount. Good luck.


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            I needed some wicks for something and was sitting in the car while the wife shopped for sewing material.Got tired of waiting and went after her. Hey ! They have all kinds of useful things (for the shop) in those sewing centers !! Wick material by the yard,from 1/8in. to 1 in. in diameter,dirt cheap !!By the yard,a lifetime supply !!I think they call it cording.


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              I have a SB 9" Model A. If you could somehow give me some measurements I'd be happy to compare notes. Probably something isn't mounted right. There is an awesome website in the UK that is becoming the definative source of information on old lathes. Also the host of that site does his best to respond to specific questions. Look at


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                Just a follow up reply, the South Bend manual lists three part numbers for gear yes you could possibly have a wrong cover...but mine (10K) was significantly off as well and it is the stock cover. All the horizontal drives share the same cover, all the underneath drives share the same cover, the exception is a unique part number for metric lathes.

                They are all adjusted up and down with spacers and left to right with the eccentric bolt...As detailed in the manual. My first response was to determine if you had a manual and were familiar with the adjustment procedure, if not then I can e-mail you one. It's a little over a Meg, I think my e-mail limit is 3 megs so it should go. Or if you've already handled the problem let us know.


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                  ABN, No I sure don't have a manual. I wasn't aware of an adjustment procedure. I would sure appreciate you sending me the file. My email is [email protected] . Another question about the wicks, would you still use the springs if you used cotton rope or a pipe cleaner?


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                    I have a SB 9" model C quick change. The cover has a bushing made of babbit that holds it to the bracket that is fastened to the bed way. If this is like yours - just melt out the old babbit, save, realign, then pour back. My lathe had the same problem and that's how I fixed it.

                    (hope we're talking about the same cover)