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Source for R12 imperial sized bearings

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  • Source for R12 imperial sized bearings

    I need an R12 bearing. SKF is so frustrating! Despite it being listed in web site, they say its not available. wtf? I'd have thought it a common one...and its in your online catalogue so thanks for wasting my time. I decide to call SKF US. I didn't sound like a problem getting them and as we have an account with, they suggested the easiest thing would be for him contact .ca and tell them how to get them.

    I hear back from .ca. There is only one in stock in the world and no future plans to make any. ARG!

    1) can this be true - is something I'd have thought common, an R12, really dissapeared in the US (except for 1)?

    2) if not SKF, who can I get such bearing from? Ideally something high precision.

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    I always call either Buffalo Bearing or Acme Bearing in Buffalo NY.
    Even though now I live 4 states away.



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      I would not have thought it would have been a problem, maybe an issue with SKF?
      I regularly buy R series bearings locally so not sure why the issue.

      A quick look gives me two sources, I'm very sure most power transmission outlets in your area would be be more than able to meet your requirements.

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        These are my go to guys for bearings and stuff

        I heard the same story about some R8 bearings a couple years ago when I went in there. "they are hard to find, not a normal item for us, etc..." then the guy went in the back and came back with 8 of them for me lol. SKF too. Might be worth a shot.

        This just reminded me I still haven't finished the project I bought them for


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          McMaster Carr, VXB bearing, grainger, etc


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            Sounds like Inch discrimination to me.
            I see it all the time.



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              here's one source,


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                They need to be reasonably good, SKF's (the single one left in the world) is ABEC 1 which is probably ABEC 3. That would probably work. 5 would be ideal. I phoned AST, helpful chap there....apparently R12 ABEC 1 are super common, anything else would need a big minimum order.
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                  you mean this?

                  or this?


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                    I was super satisfied with PGN (penguin) brand R12 bearings on eBay. Shielded. Smoothest Chinese bearing I've ever felt.
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                      Nachi or NTN should be decent choices as long as you get genuine ones.

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                        How close is Motion Industries to SKF?

                        8-3761 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, ON M1W 3S2

                        Motion Industries acquired the Canadian company BC Bearing Engineering LTD in November 2010.

                        BC Bearing was/is a major supplier to the oil industry in Canada.
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                          Originally posted by bob_s View Post
                          How close is Motion Industries to SKF?
                          We buy and sell with Motion frequently, I'll ask them to quote. They carry various manufacturers. Nachi and NTN are good, but they're still all class 0/ABEC 1......maybe grumpy old Bardon would have something. If not I'll go with big brand ABEC 1. I've had a few bearing engineers tell me with modern manufacturing almost all the ABEC 1's would would qualify as 3's

                          thanks all for the help
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