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Gearotic experience?

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  • Gearotic experience?

    Has anyone here used this program?
    I'm wondering if it is able to do worm gear sets?

    Thanks, Sid

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    It doesn't do worm gears or worms. It does do a bunch of different timing belt pulleys as well as spur, helical, knuckle, herringbone, and bevel gears. I use Autodesk Inventor for worms.


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      I used it to make helical gears for my .357 gatling gun build, worked fantastic. Don't know about worms for sure.


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        FreeCAD does worms but I don't see worm gear. I think someone who knew a lot more than I could make the worm gear from an involute spur which it does. It does not seem like a simple operation.

        OK, I found a tutorial for worm gear generation.
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          I have gearotic. Not happy with the developers ability to fix issues, same guy that wrote Mach3/Mach4, why I won't touch that software. Gearotic is unable to spit out a useable 3d CAD model for use with Solidworks or Fusion, his response is, "Well, I followed the documentation". No intention of ever fixing it.


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            No experience with Gearotic, but you can make standard or custom
            worm gear sets with Vectorworks, or McMaster has CAD models of
            worm gear sets, if that might help.
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              Heck, you can do worms with any cad system that supports a helical cut path. What's the issue? Well, you DO need to know the geometry you want, but..............

              Then some work with boolean subtract and you can do a worm wheel
              CNC machines only go through the motions.

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                Click image for larger version  Name:	Vectorworks.jpg Views:	0 Size:	20.8 KB ID:	1917836 Click image for larger version  Name:	VW Properties.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.4 KB ID:	1917837 Click image for larger version  Name:	Worm.jpg Views:	0 Size:	48.0 KB ID:	1917838
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                  Originally posted by RB211 View Post
                  I have gearotic. Not happy with the developers ability to fix issues, same guy that wrote Mach3/Mach4...
                  Art Fenerty did indeed write both Gearotic Motion and Mach3, but he was not involved in the massive re-write that is/was Mach4.


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                    I certainly can model up anything. I use Creo for a living. But gerotic is pretty quick for the “what if.
                    This gear needs to be 12:1 for the clock, and it has some pre defined parameters that it would be nice to not have to change if possible.