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  • Shop posters, etc.

    I was just wondering if any of you guys have any good suggestions for posters/stuff on the walls of your shop. Like on the ceiling- I got stuff hanging on the rest of it, but the ceiling is kinda not covered- I'm thinking a tap/drill chart and a speeds/feeds chart (btw, where are some good ones?), anything I'm missing?
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    Hmm, Charts, charts I have used are drill size charts, giving me the decimal size of all drills, fractions, numbers and letters.


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      Babes on motorsickles?


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        Just ain't no room ! Bit of room on the ceiling - hadn't thought of that
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          Originally posted by old-biker-uk
          Just ain't no room ! Bit of room on the ceiling - hadn't thought of that
          That is a very interesting shop. Thanks for the link.

          You have several beautifully done projects and models. Your workmanship puts many of us to shame.
          Jim H.


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            I make my own from what is freely available on the net. With the right software it is easy to do, but can be time consuming. I lay them out the way I want them and save them to disc. Then I take the disc to Office Max or Kinkos and have them print and laminate them. They have the ability to print much larger charts than I can do with an inkjet.




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            There are tons more if you search hard enough. Google is your friend.


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              Tap/Drill Hubba hubba...



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                All good links--Thanks. The problem I have in the old part of the shop is not having walls that I can hang stuff on. It's all storage with the middle open. The ceiling is too high to put anything I'd try and read. I've gotten use to keeping loose leaf binders all around. I have most of the charts in page protectors. I also keep lots of other good info in the binders that I'm less likely to recall. Like where I store certain tools and parts.

                Hey Old-Biker, nice shop. What's that machine with the chain drive under the cover?


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                  Try, an advertiser in HSM. They have a good drill-tap-pipethread chart with a bunch of extra anecdotes and misc. information scattered around any blank space on the chart. I have two, on in my shop and one in my office at work.

                  -no connection, just a satisfied customer.
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                    uk bikers shop

                    Very interesting shop and i am impressed with your work and range of intrests thank you for the pics. My charts are on tool box lid inside .
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