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    Has anyone had experience with a Lock-N-Lube or any other similar grease gun hold-on device. Thank you in advance.

    SW Mi

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    I have been using a Lock-N-Lube for a couple of years at work and I can't say enough good things about it. The name says it all. It stays on the zerk and lets you really lay into it if needed.

    I have a lot of older zerks that were real finicky and as soon as I installed the LNL all that ended. It will probably pay for itself in wasted grease savings over it's life span. This is on an nice quality Legacy grease gun btw.


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      I have several of them. They are quite handy. One drawback is they add length so cannot fit on some grease fittings. It then takes a second grease gun just to do a few fittings. When buying, they include a second set of jaws with each Lock-N-Lube. I have found after a good while the jaws do need replaced.


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        I bought a Lock in Lube a couple of years ago. I coupled it with a Milwaukee electric grease gun. It works well, saves a lot of time and grease. It eliminates the need for a third hand when greasing hard to reach zerks. I use it mostly to grease my tractor and skid loader.