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2021 - Where are you buying your tooling ?

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    I only buy underwear from 30+ year old strippers with children, these often come with $5's stuck in the waistband.
    Every dollar helps.


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      Yes, I have often given those two web sites as examples of how to do it to others who really suck. I really do not understand why others do not imitate them. Another electronic supplier that is almost as good as DigiKey is Mouser. On all of those sites you can start with a single noun that describes what you want and then drill down the SPECIFICATIONS of all the items that fit. Others expect you to look at several or many pages of results from a single search string and if you did not use just the right words in that string, they you can miss what you wanted completely.

      Prices? Yes McMaster is a bit high and they add shipping to that. But I have never been disappointed with the quality of items from them. I did have a few orders with problems but one phone call usually fixed that. And they DO answer the phone.

      I contrast that to my last attempt to order something from Grainger. Their web site is nowhere near as easy to use as McMaster's. You almost must use the exact search string to find anything there and you can NOT run through the specs. to narrow it down. The last time I ordered from Grainger, I went to pick it up at 4:35 PM on a Friday. They were CLOSED and I would have had to wait until Monday - no Saturday hours. I found the item at an Ace hardware and cancelled the order from Grainger, telling them exactly why.

      Some of the on-line metal suppliers do have a usable web site. But then they only sell a few items, not tens or hundreds of thousands.

      Enco was trying to have a good web site, but they were bought out by MSC, I believe. MSC should have fired their own web people and put Enco's in charge. But I am sure they are saving a lot of money so their stock can be sold at better prices. Oh, wait, you say that isn't happening? Well, it MUST be in the works for them. We just have to wait. Their increased prices must be only temporary - surely they MUST BE.

      Oh yea, wear am I buying my tooling? That was the question. I buy it wherever I can actually find it. When I have to spend half an hour on a web site, I tend to look for another where I will waste less time. Sometimes I try them all before settling on a price and brand.

      Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
      McMaster and Digikey have had the best websites on the internet for over a decade. Nobody else comes close.

      I'll buy tooling like drills etc from Mcmaster on occasion, but I also buy from the regular suppliers who have a 'net presence.
      Paul A.
      SE Texas

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      You will find that it has discrete steps.


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        Originally posted by Doozer View Post
        Ok fair disclaimer....

        But does anyone buy from Shars (discount_machine on ebay)?
        I have bought from Shars several pieces of indexable tooling. 2" and 3" 45* R-8 shank face mills, an indexable Dovetail cutter and most recently a 1-3/4" shank boring bar. It all has worked just like it's supposed to, but what I really love about the boring bar, is they list the insert size and hardware part numbers right on the bar. No messing around looking for part numbers when something needs replacing. Scroll up to see what I mean-

        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          McMaster, KBC, MSC and Victor. McMaster when I need something better quality and fast. KBC for the daily meat and potatoes stuff . MSC and Victor for the obscure tap or reamer.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Originally posted by nickel-city-fab View Post

            I buy most everything on Ebay, including from discount_machine. However, the vast majority of my stuff is older American made, Swiss ($$$) or German ($$).

            I can't afford to encourage the bastards that sent all our jobs offshore (Wall St.) so I buy *everything* used and made in USA, Switzerland (CH) or Germany (DE). The *only* stuff I buy new is: Toilet paper, ammunition, and food. Firm policy for the last 20+ yrs.
            Funny, like you have been reading my play book...

            I m the same way. I hunt for decent prices of high quality used tools.

            Fastbackwards.. I didnt get into this hobby till around 1995, still working long hours, no time for hobbies. Then the Bug hit, Metal!! No internet so much. I did all my early tool buying at the local hardware store and flea markets. I was fortunate to move next door to HF's west coast headquarters.

            So all my machine shop tools came from Harbor Freight. All of it cause I could back up to the dock and unload a 300lbs (6110 Kilo?) of drill press for free, no shipping. I got lucky. My entire shop was provided by HF. I was learning to cut metal, they were perfect.

            I dont chit on any providers of the stuff we use unless someone specifically asks me about it.

            That being said I have got lucky over the years with ebay and made a nice set of tools for my home shop machinist garage. JR


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              Originally posted by Doozer View Post
              Ok fair disclaimer....
              I am not a fan of China tooling.
              You guys know this...
              But does anyone buy from Shars (discount_machine on ebay)?
              Their Kurt-copy vises are first rate, and they have the better/upper
              line of China tools as far as quality goes.
              The also upper line of China tools is HHIP or H&H Industrial products.
              The major importer of these is ABS Tools in California.
              A side note, both Shars and ABS Tools have really nice paper catalogues.
              Puts Grizzly to shame.
              Again please forgive me for mentioning China stuff.
              It is awesome to see so many members buy from McMaster Carr.
              I order from them maybe once a month.
              McMaster Carr is Gold! ! !

              I have bought some 3”&4” 4 Jaw Scroll Chucks from Shars for Sliding Tap Holder for Lathe Click image for larger version

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