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Custom took roll/case for measuring tools

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  • Custom took roll/case for measuring tools

    I have a set of Starrett measuring tools that include various dividers, a punch, combination square set, etc. I included a couple of pictures.They came with a snap took case/took roll (I’m not sure what you would call it). The trouble is that the tie downs are starting to wear down and stuff is getting jostled around. I’d like to have a similar case made for it, but maybe something sturdier with canvas instead of vinyl straps. Does anyone make custom tool cases that could put something like this together? These tools are really nice and it’s helpful to have them in one case. I just want to make sure whatever I have made up isn’t going to bend or damage them. Any recommendations are appreciated.
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    I'm assuming you've already Googled custom tool cases so with that in mind, do you have any upholstery shops close by? I know a local upholstery shop here would certainly be able to do that and in just about any material, too. Bar that, maybe see if there's any seamstress advertising to do custom sewing.
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      Learn leather working? Something out of a thin leather with stitching and rivets would look good. If it was me, they'd be in a kennedy drawer with the vinyl case stashed somewhere in case I ever wanted to sell the kit. fast and easy access is the key, imo
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        try looking for marine canvas shops, I've seen some that do that type of work.


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          Wow - one can unsnap the case, open it, and unsnap the individual strap to get an item or one can open a drawer. I can't imagine a vinyl case having that much appeal. Or any case for that matter. Put them in a drawer and if elegance matters, make it felt lined with individual pockets.


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            I bet someone with an upholstery shop could reproduce that in something durable.
            Thats a nice tool roll probably great for away from shop work.


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              My wife has made several roll up tool carriers out of denim - been using them for years.


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                Those plastic Starrett cases don't last long and leather may promote rust. Might be OK if it is well oiled but then it is messy.
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                  Thanks for the replies everyone! I will check out a marine canvas shop or upholsterer. We should should have one here on Lake Erie. I know Starrett used to make wooden cases for these sets but they don’t anymore. I just want to make sure the square doesn’t get bent. Would it be a bad idea to use plywood as the base with foam over it and then have that upholstered? I’m thinking that way would allow it to open like a book and still be strong enough to put in a bag if I have to take it somewhere.


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                    I have a similar set from starret, basically the square and its parts, it came in a hard plastic case with fitted foam, I would try to order that from starret
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                      but their site is down right now, odd
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                        Start here
                        They will cut the foam to your drawings that fit into a stock sized case. Draw the pockets as you desire.

                        These have disadvantages however.
                        Not made by Starrett
                        They are not red
                        Do not have Starrett printed on the cover

                        If you can live without the branding then this is a fine choice.


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                          Wow, rough crowd on here. . I GUESS not many on here do mobile work ?
                          I used to do fixture work at a local truck makers plant , I always had to bring tools in. I used to fit it all in a restaurant type bus tray. Them gray type . APPROX 18 X 13 X 5 inches deep. ......... so yeah , keeping in a toolbox drawer won't work good..

                          Anyway I searched custom tool roll and many many makers and ideas if you hit IMAGES........choices..

                          BTW , that must be the mini combination set you have there? Always wanted one of them. .. what work are you doing that needs those tools along ?


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                            These metallic type cases look quite good, and are low cost , get a few layers of foam and cut your own.
                            I started to convert one to carry a good caliper and a micrometer and a few things when looking at work. Click image for larger version

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                              Those are all po5tential "grabbit" tools, although some are less needed. I'd have them in a case for on-site work, in foam cutouts on boards, ready to grab when I want one.

                              I'd not want to fiddle around snapping things closed and open all the time. With a case, and the tools in foam on boards, you get to reach and grab, you get protective storage, and you can look when you pack up, and if there is a spot open, you need to find that tool.

                              If you set the boards up right, you can have one or two for any type job you usually do most all the common tools right there for you.

                              Oh, yeah.... of the tools in that Starrett case, I'd only use 3 or 4 often enough to maybe even need them easily "grabbable". But there are several others I'd want out for use.

                              Do your own case, and don't depend on Starrett's 60 year old idea of what you need.
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