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Building a Contact wheel for belt grinder?

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    The above vid has one way to do the job and he gives to contact information for the resin used. The contact wheel is near the end of the vid.

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      it seems contact wheels use rubber because it conducts heat better that pu. also they use a thermo curing primer for adhesion on metals for cast pu. does anybody know how cast pu sticks to bare aluminum? (yes, after water break test is successful.)

      so whats wrong with this? or is it china quality from u.s, warehouse?


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        You could find another supplier for these.
        Palettes Fixer Wheel for Forklift Truck Polyurethane: Elektronik
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          bruce, how did you make out with the wheels? got the grinders done?


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            Originally posted by dian View Post
            bruce, how did you make out with the wheels? got the grinders done?
            Havn't got that far yet.
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              iv had some bad experience with the wheel i reconditioned. the pu resin didnt bond to the aluminum, started ballooning under speed.


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                Originally posted by Black Forest View Post
                . Any suggestions on material and where to buy it in the civilized world meaning the EU?
                My germany is limited but I was able to find one shop in Germany
                Location: Helsinki, Finland, Europe


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                  Yes, a new contact wheel from McMaster is over $500US. I thought mine was expensive when I bought it at $179 back in the day ..

                  Anyway, did you notice they also sell contact wheel tires? A 2" wide 8" diameter tire is $166. That's even less than I paid!

                  I'd make the wheel and buy the tire, personally. Nothing like a real contact wheel.