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  • Lack of projects

    I think that is a little sad that you can't find more project pics on here. Is anyone on here actually making things or are you just talking about it? I would love to see an entire section on projects with pics and prints. Now I am sure that someone will ask where my project pics are and I will tell you that I can't put anything I make on this site due to the fact that it is all classified. I am currently working on designing a leaf spring front end for my motorcycle though. As well as a traditional springer. When I get these done I will post the pics for all to see!

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    If you want to see some projects look at the pics of George Britnells projects in the Third Hand forum, under the 6" Atlas lathe posting.
    Jim H.


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      The image posting function has only just yesterday been re-enabled since the switch to new software. That has discouraged most from posting pictures. If you look back in the posts you will find many pics of various projects. I will be posting more as and when I have something to post.
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        Model Maker,

        Actually there are hundreds of projects that have been posted and most of them don’t need plans, as the picture was adequate for someone to reproduce it. The problem, as you no doubt have determined, is that a search of the forum usually reveals little as most of these projects are part of another thread. The really good ones usually are posted as a result of a problem someone was having and someone posted a project that they made for the remedy.

        Because of this spontaneity, which incidentally is a very good thing, these projects sometimes get lost in the shuffle. One of the benefits of being a regular viewer to the forum is that you’ll catch these ideas and save them to your own “clever idea” file.

        Okay, that being said, it doesn’t help the new member out much. For right now, what kind of things are you interested in? Maybe some of us can remember some of the projects posted related to it!

        You do bring up a good point though...If this forum ever decides to opt for another category, I would think "Project and Plans" would be a good candidate!
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          A single forum that everyone posts in just doesn't work for things like projects because it scrolls too quickly.

          As Mr. Bur**** mentioned, a dedicated forum for Projects, Pictures keeps them together in one location and they get much more exposure. Also, not being able to upload pictures, plans, files, data is also a problem for some people.

          Model Maker, here are some projects and pictures without any of the OT chat. They hang around a lot longer due to less activity and almost zero OT posts:



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            Ops, looks like a "bad word" filter mutilated your name....

            "Mike Bur****"

            Neil, you should remove the word _d_i_c_K_ so Mr. Burd_ick doesn't get his name mutilated here

            You should be able to just undo that one, and replace it with "wolf" and that should be just as affective in preventing people from using it



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              Well, I recently made a ball turning attachment for a QC toolholder. It's been done lots of times before in various ways. I wanted an easy quickchange swap to make it easy to change operations, hence built around the QC dovetail. It should have a compact slide mechanism to minimize distance the crosslide needed to move (and perhaps run out of travel) so has a little .150" deep dovetail on the vertical slide. And I added rotation stops just in front of the handle. They're settable and use one pin for the contact. And it uses a boring tool as a readily available and modifiable cutter.

              Jan M.

              "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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                I read a few forums that use this software and they all segregate topics. It cleans things up greatly (general, tech, projects, classifieds, etc).

                Personally, I'd like to find something about adapting a compound and crossfeed from one lathe to another (I've not search for it yet, it may be under my nose). It looks like I'll need to be heading down that road in the near future.


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                  Theres lots of projects going on in my shop. I really am poor with computers. I find that for a dullard such as myself to take photos write details id have to be a computer expert which i never aspire to be. In the time it would take to do all this recruit a friend to help me out i could be almost done my project. Currently i have a few new tools im making a giant thick aluminumn faceplate almost done, a new invention for the transportation industry, a couple of tubing benders for some friends, a nother fishing reel (float reel type ive built several) some mounting plates for my three other type benders, a 2 by 10 by 24 inch thick plate for my 14 inch elliot shaper. ive built an aotomatic wire cutter for my shaper feed to length and cut on each stroke, a v type block for my shaper to hold shafts and such. Drilled thousands of holes in thick wooden blocks to hold and organize tooling. Man it never ends but i seem to really enjoy it. Working also in a tool and die shop i usually stay after work to do a g job or two here and there. Busy old guy. Great site take care all Mike


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                    OK, here's a quickie I did a couple of weeks back, a travelling steady for the Myford

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                      TGTool: Like the T-slotted slide. Care to share how the compound is mounted? I'd like to upgrade my logan but need to think more carefully about how I'm going to mount the compound.




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                        What can I do on a turret lathe?

                        To make money that is.Its a B&O #1, 13/16 bore through spindle(wish it was bigger but it is what I was dealt) Any Ideas?


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                          Well,No Ideas?


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                            There's a spud with a key on the bottom to fit the T-slot. It can be set directly in the slot, or on top of the degree plate which also has a slot to match and its own keys for orientation to the T-slot. So, I can put the compound anywhere, with or without the plate under. If that's not clear enough I'll show it in components.

                            Jan M.

                            "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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                              Jan, is that crosslide this one?,


                              They make one for an SB9 also.

                              I was wondering about the quality of thier castings. If that's what yours is, it looks real nice.

                              And that's a nice looking ball turner.