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    Originally posted by rohart View Post
    You've all been answering some of my questions too. I've had LibreCAD installed for a while, but I've just dug out lots of my old drawings to see which would load, and LCAD is disappointing in its ability to accept older formats. And most of my old cad software won't even run on 64bit.

    I guess I'll have to knuckle down and redo my old stuff in LC.

    I'm talking room plans, railway layouts, track points (switch) layouts, circuit board layouts, breadboard layouts, panel layouts - all flat 2D drawings.

    All a little OT, and I can understand most here recommending 3D for tools and machines.
    I am surprised, but maybe not so much.... Most CAD programs will accept all their past formats, or at least the ones from the last several years if not all. If Librecad is a collaborative software project, they may not put as much emphasis on reading the old formats when they add features to a new version.

    At least not until someone writes a format converter to accept the old and put it in the new.

    As far as I know, Solidworks, Solidedge, Creo, and the other top packages, as well as the secondary ones like Rhino, Turbocad, Alibre, etc all accept older models/drawings. Even AutoCad did.
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